Where should you be 25-28 April?

Updated: March 23, 2016


By Nick Barringer


At the 2016 NSCA Tactical Strength and Conditioning Annual Training in San Diego, California. Tyler Christiansen and the NSCA are bringing the best minds in the world of training and fueling the Tactical Athlete and converging in San Diego for an epic event consisting of entertaining and educational presentations, dynamic hands on sessions, and fun workouts.

Although there is not enough room to describe all the sheer awesomeness that is going to take place, I’m going to give you a quick highlight of the cutting edge information and world class speakers that will be presenting.

25 April: Show up Monday for the Sorinex lifting course where Bert “The Hammer” Sorin and his team of savages will take your lifting game to new levels while Jeff Nichols (more on him latter) shares some recovery tips so you will be ready to perform the next day.

26 April: The first official day of the event kicks off with a morning workout followed by Keynote Speaker LTC (Ret) Dave Grossman’s talk: “The Bullet Proof Mind: The Importance of the Sheepdog“. If you have read Grossman’s books “On Killing” and/or “On Combat”, you know this is a talk you do not want to miss.

tkisis-8.gifThe rest of the day is stacked with speakers: High level coaches that athletes are lining up to work with like Loren Landow, Mike Boyle, and Lance Walker are sharing their knowledge and experience. The legendary Dr. William Kraemer is presenting on therapeutic effects of exercise for after the warfighter’s military career is over. The always interesting Mark Stephenson is a talk on “The Brain-Body Connection” that is sure to change the way you approach training.   Oh and I almost forgot, some guy by the name of Tim Kennedy is giving a talk on being Hard to Kill. Yes, you read that correctly, so you can stop reading this now and go ahead and register and I will not be offended. But for the committed few who are still with me, I just scratched the surface of day one but now let us move to day two.

27 April: Another morning workout followed by a great talk titled “Physical Performance Strategies for Women in Combat Arms” by Tunde Szivak who has the unique experience of being a scientist, serving as a Soldier, and competing as a powerlifter. Jeff Carol is going to break down the clean and snatch so you can tighten-up your lifting and coaching technique. The great Dr. Brian Schilling will be dropping knowledge bombs on how to interpret and apply research into your training program. Stew Smith is going to demonstrate how to add thinking games to your workout. The powerful Jeff Nichols is going to discuss recovery and the nervous system. Karen Daigle and Christi Logan, two elite performance nutritionists, are giving a ground breaking talk titled “Comprehensive Performance Nutrition Program Concepts for Tactical Occupations”. Zar Horton is going to show you how to use kettlebells. Dr. Brad Nindl, a goliath in the field of military research, is going provide an analysis of military centric performance programs, another can’t miss talk. I also would be remiss if I did not mention Matt Wenning will be discussing “Max Effort Training for Tactical Populations”. Matt has squatted 1197 pounds equipped and 832 pounds raw, so he might know a thing or two about max effort.

28 April: The final day of the conference closes out with another great round of talks and hands-on sessions covering topics from blood flow restriction, coaching running, program design, and a joint friendly session with the dynamic Nick Tumminello.

And that was just some of the highlights! There are a slew of outstanding speakers and talks that I didn’t mention. So pack your GFoD gear and register now. Otherwise Mr. Kennedy might start killing unicorns again and no one wants that…

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