We Don’t Have A Clue

Updated: July 28, 2016


By Kevin Wilson

The recent string of attacks in Europe has proved once and for all that we, and by we I mean western society, have no fucking clue how to stop terrorist attacks. This latest attack in Germany, as reported on by The Havok Journal, is further proof that we’re completely clueless on the subject of stopping nut-jobs and radicals from going into public places and shooting unarmed civilians.

We’ve tried just about everything, and it’s all failed miserably.

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shooting early last year, we came up with the brilliant “Je Suis Charlie” hashtag, a weapon of such devastating forcefulness, it completely united social media for like, three or four days. Some estimates say the internet was a united front for upwards a week as everyone scrambled to show solidarity with a country they probably didn’t like all that much to begin with.

Surely we had those terrorist bastards on the rope then. How would they ever recover from such a devastating blow?

By shooting up a rock concert in Paris later on that year, apparently. 130 dead, hundreds wounded, a world in shock. Surely we’d retaliate, right?

You’re goddamn right we retaliated. Within hours, the Prayers for France hashtag was trending, and then there was that French flag Facebook profile picture filter that swept the interwebs. Surely the terrorists would see that we were really super serious about how sad it was, and would lay down their arms, right?

No. No they did not.

Twenty-three ISIS related attacks since the beginning of 2016. Over 730 dead. Most of the attacks you’ve probably never heard about, because they went down in the Middle East. For reference, 27 were linked to ISIS last year, with a little over 1000 dead. It’s not even August yet, and we’ve almost caught up.

But surely the governments of the world are doing something to prevent these horrendous attacks, right?

Nope. They’re just as clueless as everyone else.

Increase gun control? Yeah, that’ll fuckin’ do it. Yessiree, that’ll show ‘em. Except for that one guy who used an ax. Or those other guys that plowed into a crowd with a truck. Or the fact that the fuckers still seem to have no problem getting their hands on AKs, or just about any other weapon they want, up to and including explosives. I mean, except for all that, it’s working gangbusters.

righteousv-8.gifOh, what if we blame terrorism on climate change? Surely those rascally radicals will see the error of their ways then, right? No?


Uh, jobs? Do we blame it on jobs? If we give them jobs, they have to lay down their guns.

News flash: killing people is their job. Stacking bodies like cord wood is their sole purpose in life. They’ll kill and kill and kill some more, and they don’t give a damn if they get killed in the process. I mean, fuck. How devoted to a cause do you have to be to strap a goddamn suicide vest around your body and blow yourself up in a restaurant? Guys like that don’t give a shit about jobs, or the environment, or anything but the utter ruination of their enemies and the subjugation of the world to their twisted ideologies.

Platitudes don’t work. Hashtags don’t work. Blaming everything under the sun but radicalism doesn’t work. For fuck’s sake, this latest guy in Munich aloha snackbarred up a shopping center, and the German police are bending over backwards trying to figure out a way to spin it that doesn’t involve bringing ISIS into the equation.

So what does work?

Well, we’ve tried everything else. How’s about a little of the old ultra-violence?

Let’s stop pussyfooting around here. The cure for the violence of evil men is righteous violence in return. Sound familiar? It should, Ranger Up sells the damned T-shirt. It’s not just a neat slogan, though. Time and time again, history has taught us that the only real way to stop evil is to kill it to death. Peace and love and all that other hippie bullshit can only take you so far when the enemy has no interest in negotiating and no goal other than world domination. I reckon it’s about time we stop deluding ourselves and go shoot the fuckers in the face.

Oh, would you look it that. We might have a clue after all.




  1. Vaughn Shepherd

    August 6, 2016 at 7:35 pm

    You nailed it.

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