Tim Kennedy Workout – April 8, 2009

Updated: April 8, 2009










We’re going to publish a new workout from Tim Kennedy every week. These workouts look painless, but they are anything but. If you take the test and beat Tim in the same week we post this, we’ll send you a free shirt. We need to receive an email from a certified crossfit instructor or an E8 or above saying you knocked this out to qualify – better yet send us a video – we’ll even post it. Good Luck!

Tim Kennedy Workout – April 8, 2009

  • Shot put 20lbs medicine ball as far as you can throw it, then bear crawl to it. 4 Repetitions
  • Hand Stand Push ups. Reps 8
  • Burpees. 12 Reps
  • Snatches. 16 Reps
  • X6

Tim’s time: 16:31

Average 20:30

Last man 26:38 


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