Tim Kennedy Workout – 14 September 2009

Updated: September 14, 2009

Tim Kennedy’s Workout – 14 September 2009

  1. 50 Meter bear crawl
  2. 10 Man makers (35 dumb bell)
  3. 50 Meter bear crawl
  4. 10 (each leg) Sprawl burpee to a fying knee
  5. 50 Meter bear crawl
  6. 10 Pull-ups
  7. 50 Meter bear crawl
  8. 10 Box jumps
  9. 50 Meter bear crawl
  10. 10 Wall ball

Repeat two more times.

Time to beat: 26:04

Middle of the pack: 33:19

Last man:  42:57

Man maker: Start in the push-up position. Have a dumb bell in each hand. Do a push-up, then row each arm, stand up and military press them=1 man maker

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