Tim Kennedy Featured in Muscle and Fitness magazine

Updated: June 13, 2010

Anyone who’s spent a minute with Tim Kennedy in person or reading his latently sadistic workouts here on the Rhino Den knows what ludicrously good shape he’s in. We all secretly hate him for this, but since he’s a professional athlete, we guess that’s being fit is a good thing. Muscle and Fitness magazine, the premiere health and fitness mag in the world, took notice of Tim’s…abnormal…workouts and wrote a feature on him. This eight page layout shows Tim teaching killer techniques that every guy can use and provides ample eye candy for he ladies, so check it out.

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One Comment

  1. Joe Alonso

    November 29, 2011 at 11:28 am

    Excellent article highlighting one of the many highly motivated and unique service member of the U.S. military. Tim Kennedy is a role model for our country and an American hero. It’s impossible not to be inspired by this guy.

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