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Updated: December 31, 2013


By RU Rob

The Rhino Den has survived another year, mostly unscathed, except for a few new scars and some new stories to tell the grandkids (which are coming sooner than we would like to admit). But exactly what the hell did we do over the last twelve months? It seems like the popular thing to do so let’s count down the top stories (based on the number of page views) and events on The Rhino Den for 2013:

5. Douche of the Week: Jesse Ventura – In July we once again highlighted the douchbaggery of Jesse “I once had a body” Ventura after suing the wife of the deceased “American Sniper” Chris Kyle for the money she has profited from her deceased husband’s book. And yes, it is exactly as low as it sounds.

4. The Pussification of the American School System – Mr. Twisted told us the painful story of three Virginia Beach middle-school boys who were suspended from school for playing in their own yard, but showed that the problem is way bigger than that single story.

3. Hero of the Week: David Draiman – In July, Rolling Stone magazine decided to put the accused Boston Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, on the cover of their magazine. The lead singer for the rock band Disturbed, David Draiman, called them out on it in classic fashion and earned our Hero of the Week.

2. Government Fails our Newly Rendered Gold Star Families – At the beginning of October, during the governmental shut-down, the families of service-members killed in action were told that the US Government would not be able to provide the immediate fiscal assistance to assist with funeral arrangements. This didn’t sit well with our readers and some amazing things happened as a result.

1. The Curious Case of Staff Sergeant Parsons – At the beginning of the year, Jack told a story of a young and naïve Marine who was bamboozled by a bitch of a woman. It is a heartbreaking tale of lies and the unfairness of child support laws for men.

While not part of our Top 5 list, at the beginning of September we set the jokes aside and took on a serious topic, dedicating an entire week to a series that I hope to revisit in the future — Ranger Up Talks: Suicide. Over the course of seven days we posted eighteen articles that covered music videos, poems, and some very strong and difficult pieces written by our staff. The support we had from you our readers was encouraging and we know for a fact that we saved at least one life that week, which makes it worth all the effort.

But to end on a lighter note, we couldn’t have done any of this without your support. It is your emails and comments that keep us motivated to bring you the best stories and news with all of the filters off and in a manner that would offend most. You may disagree with us at times, but we are ok with that.

If we don’t offend someone then something is wrong and the terrorists win (it’s science).

So here’s to you! Thank you for a great 2013 and an even better 2014.

Happy New Year!!!

RU Rob


The Rhino Den

(and the rest of our knucklehead writers)



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