The Problem with Every Dumb Ranger School Conspiracy Theory: Peer Reviews

Updated: August 21, 2015


By Tommy Batboy

Since the news was released that two women had graduated Ranger School and would be awarded their Ranger Tabs, the military community has broken the internet.

A quick aside before I carry on. If you are not tabbed, have not attended Ranger School and you’re spreading this notion the standards were lowered: this is where you shut your pie hole and move on down the road.

You don’t have the first damn clue. At best you’re misguidedly trying to defend the honor of your friends that do have their tab or are part of the Ranger community (commendable in a certain light) or at worse you are sexist misogynist twit who probably thinks you could actually win a fight with Ronda Rousey (news flash, she’d kick your ass).

Either way, please exit to the sidelines, stage right, and have a nice day.

For those who’ve gone through the process of Ranger School we know everything you do is watched. All your sins, and I do mean all, will come out and be laid bare, because unlike most schools in the military, your peers get a say on if you graduate or not.

If you fail “peers” you will most likely fail Ranger School. You might move on to the next phase if you can convince the review board, but will be switched to another company. If you fail them again you are recycled or dropped from the course.

Ranger-trainingNews flash: these women passed “peers” in all three phases of the course.

I have read nothing but conspiracy theories on undue command influence all week. I keep reading that a guy heard from a guy who knows an RI in Florida that was told by another RI who heard from a staff guy at Ranger School HQ that the women MUST pass. I can’t scroll through my Facebook or Twitter feed for more than three seconds without seeing this shit.

So why has no one talked about how the men working with these women every single day, their fellow students, have put their stamp of approval on them, three times now?

Initially, I was prepared use the access I was fortunate enough to be granted by people in and around Ranger School over the past four months to show the Ranger Standard has been maintained. How icy MG Miller’s stare was when I asked about the standards potentially being lowered before he systematically and patiently explained how the lowering would destroy what makes Ranger School such a useful tool for the Army.

How passionately Col (ret) Puckett was in his observation that the women were being treated just like any other Ranger student and how he wished them the best. How the Ranger School commander Col. Fivecoat spent almost an hour walking me through everything about the process and how the standards were everyone’s top concern. How, without fail, the RI’s I had a beer with all shrugged and told me they didn’t like being under the microscope but that no one was pressuring them to lower the standard, if anything it was kinda annoying how much they were reminded every day of what the standard was.

How, if anything, after talking with some of the female observers I felt, and still feel, that they were the people most aggressively pushing for the standards to be even more rigorously applied then they normally are.

Forget all of that, just look at these ladies peer reviews. The “peers” are the most honest and simplest form truth. They are blunt, honest, unvarnished feedback on how you are doing and who you are seen to be.

A commander can’t bury them. A Ranger student can’t run from them. “Peers” have always been designed to be the ultimate check to any of the undue influence that is being yelled about. Long before these women stepped up Ranger School had to deal with the sons of influential men attempting the course, of ensuring that instructor or command biased would not hurt someone’s chances based on race, religion, sexual preference, and now gender.

Capt. Kristen Griest and 1st Lt. Shaye Haver earned the right to wear black and gold, it’s that simple.

So allow me today, on the day they graduate, to proudly say: Welcome to the club, Rangers.






  1. John Flynn

    August 21, 2015 at 1:06 pm

    Jason Moore, maybe you’re just weaksauce, and they were better than you. Stop trying to deny the validity of their tabs. RTB decides who earned a tab, not you.

  2. de rhon

    August 22, 2015 at 2:02 am

    Yeah, they said that the standards would be maintained when they opened up combat support MOS’ in the 1980’s to women. When they couldn’t meet the physical fitness standards, Congresswomen roared up and claimed discrimination, burning their bras and waiving NOW signs. “Scientific” studies were performed that proved that women are not physically equal to men, and the so called “standards” were changed, “lowered” for women. I remember being told by a senior NCO to “Let it go. Don’t ever try making a uniform correction on a female, unless you want to end your career or get a sexual harassment investigation put on you.” I love that women are in the military. I think that it is BS and discriminatory and wrong that only males have to register for the Selective Service. But lets be fair, a Rhonda Roussey type female could kick the crap out of a weak-titted, scrawny ass kid like I was when I joined, (and I haven’t gotten any stronger 30 years after), so why should her standards be lower than a man’s? If the PT standards are designed to measure a person’s fitness with the assumption that you need to be physically fit to perform the Army’s mission, then the standards should be the same for all soldiers, regardless of gender or age. Otherwise, consideration should be given for ALL differences in physical attributes. (when I found that I had a hard time running, despite adequate effort, time, dedication to improving, I underwent some testing at the MEDAC. My physician informed me that I had “L.G.L.”. My mind raced to try to identify the acrynom, but I couldn’t….Lou Gehrig’s disease? Leukemia of some sort? What was it? How long did I have to live? He told me, “Little Girl Lungs. You have little girl lungs. You just don’t have the vital capacity to exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide, and therefore you will NEVER be able to run fast and far, regardless of what you do). So, since I have a bona fide phyisical attribute that puts me at a disadvantage to all males and most females in the military, than I should be given a “special” set of physical fitness standards than everyone else, based on my FvO1 pulmonary function results. And, because my IQ is actually quite average, I should be given a different set of standards for taking my congnitive entry exam, (ASFAB, or whatever the acrynom is). See how stupid it is? Set the standards so that the successful soldiers can accomplish whatever the given mission is, and congratulate ALL those who meet them, regardless of any other factors. Tuff sh!t if they have L.G.L, they are a “Re-Re”, or have 2 tits. Sh!t, those things can be useful as bullet stoppers or to store calories in for a later time of famine, (much like a camel stores water in it’s humps). RANGER’S LEAD THE WAY!

  3. Joe Waters

    August 22, 2015 at 10:36 am

    Anyone that does not think that there was outside influence in this gaggle……..just imagine speaking out as a fellow student and trying to continue your Army career. Perhaps after some of these men ETS or retire….we may hear the truth.

  4. Joe Waters

    August 22, 2015 at 10:43 am

    Any comment from anybody that has not earned the tab…..means absolutely NOTHING.

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