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Updated: June 25, 2015



By J.E. McCollough

The pope has just declared that anyone who produces weapons or invests in weapon manufacturing companies can’t call themselves Christians. He also managed to tie in a criticism of the Allies in World War 2, saying they should have bombed the Nazi rail yards that shipped Jews and Gypsies and whoever else to concentration camps.

His comments are sheer ignorance. Denigrating and undermining a critical industry that employs tens of thousands of people and protects our nation does nothing encourage peace. He’s also a hypocrite for saying the weapons of war are evil, yet denouncing the Allies for not using enough weapons.

Look, I’m not a Catholic (I consider myself an apatheist), so His Holiness’ proclamations don’t impact my investment or career decisions in the slightest. However, he does influence well over a billion people, and he is a global leader, so the pope’s opinions can influence everyone from decision makers to business leaders to the lowest of blue collar workers. And there’s a good chance THOSE people can directly impact me. Besides, what impacts the society I live in matters to me. NunsWithGuns1

First of all, there’s the sheer hypocrisy of his statements. The Swiss Guard, the Vatican’s military, are most definitely heavily armed (they have more than shiny halberds), and the last time I checked the Vatican doesn’t have any arms factories hiding away in its basements. So, Your Holiness, are Sig Sauer and Glock evil? Do you not trust them? Because that’s who supplies your troops with arms, in case you hadn’t heard.

And then there’s the Nazi rail yards piece. In one breath the pope is saying how weapons manufacturers can’t be Christian, presumably because what they make is so evil, but then in the next breath he’s saying the Allies didn’t use enough bombs in WWII. Or, didn’t use them where he thought they should have been used. So… If the Allies had bombed the way the pope preferred would they have been good bombs? The pope seemingly abhors weapons (or at least their manufacturers), but still feels justified in saying the Allies should have used more weapons in the way “he,” the pope, saw fit. Sorry, but you don’t get to say, “Weapons are evil! …unless I decide how they’re used.”

I understand il papa wants to promote peace in the world. But methinks the pope doesn’t really understand how peace works.

Peace comes from strength.

That is the ONLY way peace happens. Without strength, you are victimized by others, whether it’s on an individual or national scale. Sure, the pope believes that someday in a perfect world the lion and the lambs will hang out together and everyone will be happy. Here on earth, if the lambs don’t have a Warthog watching their backs they get eaten.

War, or the threat of war, by the strong is what creates the space for peace to succeed. Anyone who undermines the strength of a nation in favor of parity among nations simply encourages eternal war. Is that what the pope wants? A world at permanent war?

That’s the macro insult of the pope’s comment, a basic lack of understanding of how the world works. Then there’s the specific insult to hardworking men and women who make weapons.

I’ve been on the receiving end of enemy fire, many times. I relied on weapons and protective gear to keep me alive. And yet the pope had the balls to denigrate the guys who made the weapons that saved my ass? I personally don’t care if Christians made my rifle or not. But I do know many of the people who made it, and my body armor and my humvee and all the other things I needed while at war, certainly would be offended if someone called them a non-Christian simply for being gainfully employed and working hard to help protect his countrymen.

War is a profession, like any other. Arbitrarily casting a whole profession in moral terms is harmful to society. What happens if the pope suddenly decides farmers are considered immoral for some reason, like, say growing GMO food? Is John Deere now evil?

The pope influences over a billion people. If he said John Deere was evil plenty of Catholics would stop buying John Deere products, potentially costing thousands of jobs. NunsWithGuns2

And what is the pope’s solution to making weapons? Should all Christians and non-hypocrites stop investing in manufacturing weapons? Force Northrop-Grumman and GE and Boeing out of business? Is there some hyperbole mixed in with this shrill tone? Sure.

Look, I get it that the arms industry is often far too closely aligned with nefarious parties, like politicians. Arms manufacturers certainly do pressure (bribe) governments to buy weapons the military doesn’t want or need. But, yah, companies want to make money. No shit. If our politicians are spending money they shouldn’t, isn’t that on them? And on us for re-electing them?

Hopefully the big guy in the hat will come out and explain his comments a little more. But right now the pope is bleeding hypocrisy and it sounds like the he thinks it would be a good idea for nations to be simultaneously defenseless and have fewer employed citizens. Maybe, just maybe, the pope should spend his energy focusing on bringing the child molesters in the Catholic church to justice, and let the warriors figure out how to protect nations.





  1. Patrick Gordon

    June 25, 2015 at 1:49 pm

    I don’t believe there’s anything hypocritical at all about what the pope said. He thinks that so-called “christians” shouldn’t participate in the creation of items designed specifically to harm other people.

    If, for example, you believe in Hobby Lobby’s right to deny certain contraceptives to their employees, or the right of a “christian” bakery to deny service to a gay couple, then it would be hypocrisy to deny what he said about people who produce weapons or invest in them.

    The reality of it all is that these “christians” rarely follow their faith truthfully and honestly. From what I’ve seen, most of them use it to justify their own personal bigotry when it seems convenient to do so, and then ignore it when it comes to evaluating their own sins and vices. Sorry if I’m generalizing, but I really haven’t seen a whole lot of exceptions to this rule.

    Also, when Frank said the Allies should have bombed rail yards, he wasn’t advocating the use of weapons to destroy human life. He was advocating the destruction of transportation systems that were being used to send millions to their deaths. Despite the writer’s attempt to paint this as hypocritical, it actually goes right in line with the other things the pope said.

    Last but not least, condemning the pope for having armed guards is a grey area, imo. You could make the case that he shouldn’t have armed guards if he’s opposed to weapons. But you could also make the case that he’s opposed to weapons in the macro sense, and that he’s saying we ALL need to lay down our arms before we can find true peace.

    In that sense, it would be justified to have armed guards, as long as the rest of the world is armed and there are people who wish to harm the pope himself.

    • Jim

      July 7, 2015 at 6:03 pm

      That’s sophistry. Destroying the transportations systems would OF COURSE involve the loss of human life; +many of those lives being the victims in “transportation” to the camps, AND innocent civilians in the town or even running the railway systems.
      The point of the article is one can’t have it both ways: if you see that weapons are evil as are those who make them, one can’t turn around and say “well not in this case”. That’s the logical issue with making generalizations-especially naïve ones.

  2. Whitey

    June 28, 2015 at 1:52 am

    Well, THIS devout Catholic likes guns, and that ain’t likely to change. Honestly, I miss the last two Popes.

  3. John

    June 29, 2015 at 6:17 am

    I’m not Catholic, but I do respect the Catholic Church and the office of the Pope. This Pope seems to be the Obama of Popes though. I hope he leaves office soon. I hope the next Pope chooses the name Urban! We need another Pope Urban!

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