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Team Rhino

Updated: February 3, 2010

We sponsor MMA fighters. Lots of MMA fighters and the list keeps growing. But we don’t just put our stuff on anyone. To be a member of Team Rhino you have to have served in the Armed Forces of the United States honorably. It’s one of our ways to give back to the troops. If you’ve dedicated part of your life to your country and want to pursue your octagon dreams, we’ll help. But be sure to read our sponsorship guidelines here first. Meet our team.


Tim Kennedy


Service: Active National Guard

Pro Record: 14-3

Fun Fact: Tim is a really good shot. At an Army Sniper tournament he shot Oprah’s mustache off of her when she wandered onto the range.

Meet Tim here

Tim Kennedy’s website


Jorge Rivera

Service: Former Army Cavalryman

Pro Record: 19-9

Fun Fact: Jorge goes full Taliban while he’s training, refusing to shave until weigh-in day when he tapers worse than Michael Phelps.

Meet Jorge here

Jorge’s “El Conquistador” shirt

Jorge’s views on life


Tim Credeur

Tim Credeur

Service: Former Navy

Pro Record: 12-4

Fun Fact: Tim was the first BJJ black belt in the state of Louisiana. His standing as a voodoo high priest had nothing to do with it.

Meet Tim here

You can get the shirt he wore at Ultimate Fight Night 18 here

Tim’s ship, the USS Milius (DDG 69)

Tim Credeur’s Website


Brian Stann


Service: Former Marine

Pro Record: 10-3

Fun Fact: Brian left the Marine Corps and took a position with Hire Heroes-a non-profit organization who helps servicemen and women find jobs.

Meet Brian here

Brian’s Website

Hire Heroes


Kris McCray

McCray victorious lo res

Service: Army Reservist

Pro Record: 5-3

Fun Fact: Kris is a real life butcher when he’s not fighting, yet his nickname is “Savage.” Kris is on the current season of The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV. Check out his weekly blog stories here on The Rhino Den.

Meet Kris here

Kris’ Website


Andy Chapelle

Service: Active Army

Pro Record: 13-3

Fun Fact: Andy can toss a beer bottle eighty percent farther than most men can toss a midget. He once entered a midget tossing tournament. The next day, Oompa Loompas were demanding medical insurance.

Meet Andy here


Alex Soto


Service: Former Army LRSD

Pro Record: 6-0-1

Fun Fact: Most people go to Tijuana to engage in blackout drunken debauchery and end up with donkey stories and tongue burns. Alex Soto was born and raised there and couldn’t wait to leave.

Meet Alex here

Alex’s Gym, San Diego Combat Academy


Liz Carmouche

Service: Former Marine

Pro Record: 6-2

Fun Fact: Liz lived half of her life overseas, so what happened when she joined the Marines? They sent her overseas. Three times.

Meet Liz here

Liz’s Gym, San Diego Combat Academy


Chad Robichaux

Service: Former Marine

Pro Record: 11-2

Fun Fact: Chad still has to sneak into carnival rides because he doesn’t make the minimum height standards.

Meet Chad here


Damien Stelly

Stelly RU small

Service: Active Army

Pro Record: 10-3

Fun Fact: Damien grew up wrestling and entered a Pankration tournament to see how he would do. He won. The whole thing. During last season’s Bellator Middleweight Tournament, Damien defeated Alex Andrade before falling to tournament winner Hector Lombard.

Meet Damien here


Danny Ruiz

Service: Air Force Reserves

Pro Record: 9-6

Fun Fact: Danny once had to force a British test pilot to fly a mission by threatening to eat all his tea and crumpets

Meet Danny here


Jeremy Myers

Service: Army

Pro Record: 5-2

Fun Fact: Jeremy once wound up in a shit-talking contest with RU favorite and author of Assholes Finish First, Tucker Maxx, which led to a fight challenge.

Meet Jeremy here


David Perez

Service: Air Force

Pro Record: 5-1

Fun Fact: When he’s not training to fight, coaching, or mentoring young Airmen, he is competing in ultra-marathons and century bike races, then donating his winnings to Veteran charities.

Meet David here


Adam Castaneda

AC War Eagle

Service: Active Navy

Pro Record: 5-0

Fun Fact: As the lone Navy Sailor on our team, he has to endure constant homosexual jokes. Living with a wife, three daughters, and a gay fish doesn’t help.

Meet Adam here


Kenny Jackson

Kenny Jackson

Service: Army National Guardsman

Pro Record: 3-2

Fun Fact: Kenny once refused to get a tattoo on his ass, even though everyone was doing it…drunk…in Iraq. Kenny’s favorite quote-“It’s a fight. Get violent!”

Meet Kenny here


Glena Avila

Pro Record: 1-0

Fun Fact: When Glena is not working with wounded vets she’s wounding opponents in the cage. If that fact is too lame for you then tell her she hits like a girl and see what happens.

Meet Glena here


Brian Vanhoven

Service: Former Marine

Pro Record: 6-3

Fun Fact: Brian grew up in Washington State and has participated in Sasquatch hunts, but all he found was gigantic poop.

Meet Brian here

Brian’s gym, Gold Medal Grappling


Gert Kocani


Service: Former Army Ranger

Pro Record: 5-0

Fun Fact: Gert was the model for the uber-intimidating main character in Grand Theft Auto. He was also born without a sense of humor.

Meet Gert here


Lee Stuckey

Service: Active Marine

Pro Record: 4-2

Fun Fact: Lee saves more people before 9am than most people do all day.

Meet Lee here


Jeremiah Riggs

Service: Former Army Ranger

Pro Record: 7-5

Fun Fact: Jeremiah has terrible timing. He tried out for the International Fight League just before they went bankrupt and he was on a reality TV show that never aired due to a murder-suicide.

Meet Jeremiah here


Lee Gibson

Lee Gibson

Service: Former Army Ranger

Pro Record: 12-3

Fun Fact: Lee is brain dead. He took a fight the day before his Scandinavian wife was due to give birth. He then deployed to Iraq for his seventeenth tour shortly thereafter. Brain dead.

Meet Lee here

Lee’s Website


Todd Vance

TV War Eagle

Service: Former Army Infantryman

Pro Record: 2-1

Fun Fact: Todd used to eat candy for money. Dude can go through a bag of Twizzlers in seconds.

Meet Todd here

Todd’s Gym, Undisputed


Eli Donker

Service: Army National Guard

Pro Record: 9-1 (amateur)

Fun Fact: Eli has never been seriously injured during MMA or Rugby, but suffered a separated shoulder, a broken eye socket, and 16 total stitches from college cheerleading. Juggling chicks doesn’t sound like so much fun all of a sudden.

Meet Eli here


Craig Gresham

Service: Australian Army

Pro Record: 9-2

Fun Fact: Craig has a tattoo of Non Timebo Mala on his bicep and credits it with saving his ass in Afghanistan. Respect Saint Michael!

Meet Craig here


Colton Smith

Service: Army

Pro Record: 4-1

Fun Fact: Colton travels the world protecting important people who even us Americans wouldn’t mind seeing dead – US Congressmen.

Meet Colton here


Kelsey DeSantis

Service: Army

Pro Record: 5-2

Fun Fact: Kelsey called out Justin Timberlake and asked him to take her to the Marine Corps ball. He accepted. Google it.

Meet Kelsey here



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