Take One For The Team

Updated: December 5, 2014


By Left of the Boom

ISIS is threatening American military personnel at home by encouraging sympathizers in the States to commit acts of violence. The FBI has warned members of the military to get off social media for their own protection.

Well that is fine but I was taught that if you have two problems, sometimes you can use them to solve each other.

What is the second problem? We have numerous sons of liars who put on the uniform, award themselves badges they bought online, and generally display a complete lack of character towards the honor and fidelity of the men and women who have actually served.


isishunt-2.gifAll the real vets need to start sharing the videos, pictures, and stories of all the stolen valor posers with ISIS, Al Qaeda and anyone else in the terror pantheon that cares. The terror groups can now serve a useful purpose in helping to remove and or envalorate (I made that up) Stolen Valor fakers.

So instead of honorable awesome heroes like Dakota Meyer, who really would kick some ass and probably like it, we can use the dress up boys and girls and let them catch some lead for a change.

We don’t want the terror groups to be successful in targeting service members and their families, and we hate the posers who defile our uniforms and insignia. This is a win-win scenario.

Do you have a video or image of a faker that you were planning on exposing to Guardian of Valor or This Ain’t Hell? Don’t. Just post the image with appropriate information to the Al Jazeera Facebook Page with some judicious comments.

When the terrorists strike, if they ever do, who are they going to hit? We definitely don’t want to have to worry about getting ambushed back at home. I know some would enjoy the opportunity to get stuck back in with deadly intent but a firefight with the kids along could be a drag.

This solution may also absolve some of the boys who like to play dress up by giving them a real chance to actually earn the oxygen they breathe instead of just wasting it by being fat posing retards with delusions of adequacy.

So tell Don Shipley to stop outing those fake Navy Seals and instead, group them into their own special team and spread the word that they are preparing for their next book, I mean mission, and drop a line or two on the old YouTube to tell a story.

Use your very real stories to help the posers sound better, some of them won’t even fool a simpleminded Iraqi much less the Taliban. They need some help and some new material.

Put their faces out there but don’t bust on them, point out what outstanding—suck it up and lie damn it—people they are.

Then sit back and watch the light show and laugh in your beer.



One Comment

  1. schiller

    December 5, 2014 at 6:09 pm

    that’s fuckin’ brilliant i’d leave out adding your own stories because that gives the posers something else to brag about.

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