• RNC

    Choke-Out Cheating

      By Nick Barringer A few weeks ago recently retired MMA fighter Mark Bocek stated that he thinks 90% of MMA fighters use Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs). RU’s very own Tim...

  • Bubba-Bush2

    Fighting to Make History

      By Nick Barringer “Fighting with high blood sugar is like fighting with a cold through a fog. Your body doesn’t quite respond instinctively, you’re mentally cloudy, and you get tired...

  • Facebook Cover Page Photo (1)

    Fightnomics Review

      By RU Twisted “How do knockouts really happen and who scores them the most?” “What Tale of the Tape ‘advantage’ is actually a disadvantage?” “How does the Southpaw Advantage really...

  • Timandcrew

    UFC 168 and RU Fighters in 2013

      By SGT Awesome On December 28th, 2013 the UFC will finalize an insane year for the premiere brand of mixed martial arts. While I could wax philosophical for ages about...

  • Timandcrew

    Stood Up

    By RU Rob Just in case you have been living under a rock or on a rock in the middle of Asscrackistan, Tim Kennedy’s opponent for the UFC’s Fight for the...

  • stann and friends

    Brian Stann – The End of an Era

    By SGT Awesome Husband and Father Champion, Marine, Hero All American Brian Stann is many things and a simple haiku could never do him justice. So instead, after the day of...

  • steve hickey

    MMA is Like Child Porn. Wait…What?!?

    Follow us on Twitter @TheRhinoDen By SGT Awesome  @sgtawesome1ea Steve Hickey is a name you’ve likely never heard, and it’s a name you’ll never likely want to hear again once I...

  • 1311107118-colton

    Colton Smith and TUF: Week 5

    By Mr. Twisted Taking a 20-minute break from one of the greatest jobs in the world—being a combatives instructor at Ft. Hood and wearing flip flops and Ranger Panties all day—Colton...

  • colton smith and friends

    Colton Smith and TUF – Week 3

    By Mr. Twisted Fresh off of a training session with Oscar-worthy actor and fellow Ranger Up fighter Tim Kennedy, Colton Smith spoke with me this week about The Ultimate Fighter 16,...

  • AlphaFoto_2843527

    David Perez- Ranger Up Ultra-Athlete

    By Mr. Twisted Last week I had the opportunity to interview Ranger Up fighter, endurance athlete, and Air Force Tech Sgt. David Perez about competition in the physical world and what...

  • smith cover

    TUF 16 and Colton Smith – The House

    Editor’s Note: We know we are a little behind the times on this, but will get you caught up in a flash. By Mr. Twisted Last week was the premier of...

  • glenaavila

    Glena Avila – Fight Dreams

    Ranger Up sponsored MMA fighter Glena Avila and the documentary about her journey through life and MMA as a single mother.  To learn more about Glena check out her fighter page.

  • grappling 1

    Fighting for Life

    Fighting for Life: Why grappling is good for the soul By Mr. Twisted A full disclaimer before getting into the meat of this — I am stupid. I was 20 years...

  • Tim Kennedy Reveals Top Secret Training Methods

    Ever wonder how Tim Kennedy maintains his fierce competitive edge? Now you know!

  • Jorge Rivera Retires

    There are some friends who you value so much it is really hard to qualify into words. I met Jorge Rivera three years ago in the same city where he ended...

  • Meet Jeremy Myers

    Once in a while we hear a story that just seems too far-fetched to be true. Your buddy killed eighteen Taliban with a knife? Riiiiiight. Jeremy Meyers has a couple of...

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