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    The Best Welcome Home…EVER!

      By Jack Mandaville The guys I served in the Marine Corps with—like so many who have served this past decade—spent the majority of their enlistments at war, training themselves for...

  • You're going to pay for your idiocy, Jack.

    I’m A Damn Moron: The Freon Incident

      By Jack Mandaville “I actually felt more comfortable when you and your brother were in Iraq, because at least I knew you two were being professional.” –Ski’s mother during a...

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    Five Successful Marine Corps Veterans You Haven’t Heard About

    By J.E. McCollough Entering the private sector after military service is rarely a simple transition. Life throws all kinds of complications at the veteran from the simple to severe. The loss...

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    Marines go Sci-Fi

      By Kevin Wilson The Marine Corps Times recently reported that the Marine Corps is teaming up three prominent science fiction authors with 17 service members in possession of dangerous contraband...

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    The Chattanooga Shooting and the Anti-Gun Nuts

    By Kevin Wilson Ordinarily, this is the point where I’d make mention of being intoxicated. That’s usually my way of tacitly apologizing for the bile and filth that I just spewed...

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    We’re Still At War

      By Jack Mandaville Earlier this evening I was at dinner with my girlfriend, enjoying a large plate of Texas fajitas with a tall, cold glass of water to wash everything...

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    Predators Aren’t Patriots

      By RU Guest Contributor Lydia Davey I remember making the phone call to my parents. My hands were clammy. They’re clammy now as I remember it. I was sick to...

  • A moment of relaxation during combat operations. L to R - Blake Magaoay, Ed Lonecke, Matt MacMillan, Chris Anderson. (Photo courtesy of Chris Anderson)

    ‘Aumakua: Sacrifice in a Fallujah Hell House

      By Jack Mandaville The November, 2004 offensive into the city of Fallujah, Iraq—dubbed Operation Phantom Fury—placed the individuals involved into the renowned annals of American Military  narration.  The young men who...

  • Brian Stann

    Brian Stann: The Dark Side of a Warrior


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    Chaos: General James Mattis Announced As Next Commandant Of Marine Corps

      From our friends at The Duffel Blog Washington, D.C. – In a controversial move sure to send shockwaves throughout the Corps, President Obama announced today that Commandant of the Marine...

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    Semper Pink: Gay Marines Protest Possibility Of Female Infantry

    From our friends at The Duffel Blog San Francisco, California – The premier advocacy organization for gay infantry Marines released a statement today condemning the Marine Corps’ plan to open up...

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    Marine Professor Punch

    By RU Contributor SGT Awesome The above image has passed around emails, Facebook, and Twitter for probably close to a decade in one form or another, and likely for longer than...

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    Marines Survive Vegas

    By RU Contributor Jack Mandaville Our body is a temple.  We must cherish it, harness it, and nurture it.  But when Marine Corps Ball season comes around, our nation’s Soldiers of...

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    Taking a Leak with a Legend

    Editor’s Note: In our quest to bring you the funniest shit known to the military, we stumbled across Jack Mandaville.  Jack is a Devil Dog and agreed (bribed is more like...

  • Boot Camp Christmas

    By Jared Duggar During Marine Corps Recruit Training, there’s one week that young recruits look forward to with great anticipation: Mess & Maintenance week. For a few blissful days, the entire...

  • Fat Boy

    Never count a combat wounded soldier out.

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