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    Mental Health Background Checks

      By Mr. Twisted With the recent shooting at the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard, legislative proposals and knee-jerk reactions are starting once more regarding what we should do to prevent another...

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    The Damn Few: Gun Control


    Calm Down and Clean Your Guns

    By RU Contributor Antonio Aguilar   I have a confession to make. In 2004 I murdered a clearing barrel. Yes, you heard me right. I stuck the muzzle of my assault...

  • How to Stop Mass Shootings

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    Why I am Opposed to Background Checks

    By Mr. Twisted I realize that, in writing this, the boss of Ranger Up has already stated that he takes the opposite stance from me—that he is in fact in favor...

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    Douche of the Week: NY State Legislators

    By Mr. Twisted Well, the bar has already been set fairly high for what constitutes douchiness in 2013. Though I’m sure there are a lot of individuals out there who will...

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    An Open Letter to the NY State Assembly

      Editor’s Note: I received this from a friend and thought I would share given the latest acts of the New York State Assembly and Governor (who just may be positioning...

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    On Newtown. On Guns.

    On Friday, a dad received news that a lone gunman walked into an elementary school and murdered twenty first grade children and six adults. His heart fell to the ground. Tears...


    Is the UN Coming for your Guns?

    By Mr. Twisted Is the UN coming for your guns? There are two major gun-related stories currently in the news. Unfortunately, you’ve probably heard a ton about one of them, and...