• Damn_Few_Screen-Cap

    The Damn Few Origins — Ice Goose

      Ever wondered how Ice Goose became is polished gentleman that he is?  Let’s take a look.  

  • killingpoolfeatured

    The Killing Pool

    By Chad “Robo” Robichaux The work I am privileged to do at Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs allows me to see the heart of our Military Warriors, understand why they served, and...

  • damnfew

    The Damn Few Origins — Gunny

        At what point in Gunny’s life did he become the hell-raising devil dog?  Today we find out.  

  • what to do

    What to do?

    Editor’s Note: Some of you may know Six from her wildly popular Facebook page: Overly Sensitive Military Wives.  Well, I have been courting, harassing, seducing, asking her to write for us...

  • shutterstock_278040959

    The Best Advice I Ever Received

      By RU Rob It is election season and unfortunately we still have a couple weeks of non-stop commercials, media distraction, blah blah blah. I really do hate the election cycle...

  • 031222-N-9742R-005

    Dumbass Chronicles: Hanging out with Hollywood

    By Jack Mandaville I’ve been around a lot of famous people for whatever reason—A-listers at the pinnacle of their careers. But to be honest with, I’ve only been star struck three...

  • runners

    Run Towards Pain

      By Nick Barringer That which hurts, also instructs. -Ben Franklin I hate running. Maybe because I’ve never been any good at it.  But still, I hate running. Yet on this...

  • damnfew1

    The Damn Few Origins — Rhino

    As we look deep into the origins of the the few, the proud, The Damn Few (wait, was that too much?), there was no way I could’ve predicted this. Also, can...

  • ilm

    What is Important?

      By SGT Awesome On the evening of October 9th I, like many of you were glued to the TV watching an historic presidential debate. Unfortunately it was not historic for...

  • shutterstock_258988175

    Stop Mistaking Fashion for Toughness

      By Paul J. O’Leary It’s been a minute or two since I have written anything for the Rhino Den. It isn’t that I don’t love you guys, but ever since...

  • DonaldTrumpFeatured

    Why I won’t be Voting for Trump

      By Lana Duffy There are a lot of people out there who are pro-candidate and therefore anti-other candidate. That is not me. I’m not pro-anyone this election – more like...

  • RangerUp


      By Nick Palmisciano Today I had to post a video about how my company has dropped the ball on orders in the month of September. The only real sleep I’ve...

  • damnfew

    The Damn Few — The National Guardsman

        They boys are back at their usual watering hole when they meet an esteemed member of our National Guard. Believe it or not, they actually like this guy and...

  • shutterstock_211421539

    Douche of the Week – Duke University

      By RU Rob What in the fuck? That was the first thing that popped into my brain housing unit upon reading the headline, “Duke University launches ‘safe space’ for men...

  • shutterstock_115473676

    BAMF of the Week — Todd Orr

    By RU Rob If you have not checked social media in the last 24 hours let me introduce you to Todd Orr of Bozeman, Montana. Being a red-blooded, unapologetic bad-ass, Todd...

  • marine_corps_platoon

    Training, Hazing or Abusing?

      By RU Rob Hazing has been a rite of passage in the military from its inception. Earning the right to wear a badge, or become a member of an elite...

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