America’s Next War: Is it Ready?

      By Rhino Den Ruffians An often-made joke that isn’t actually funny is that America is really good at fighting its last war when it should be fighting the one it’s...

  • major-general-stars

    Can Stolen Valor Cause a War? The Curious Case of Pryam Farll.

      By Ragnar Musashi In my travels through social media, I may have—by complete accident—stumbled upon one of the greatest cases of Stolen Valor I’ve ever seen. I found this guy...

  • ChristmasSweater1

    Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties

      By SGT Awesome   It truly ‘tis the season to be jolly, yet I often can’t help but losing at least two or three friends annually during the holiday season....

  • daplfeatured

    Veterans and the Dakota Access Pipeline

    By Smedley Doss with RU Twisted In case you haven’t heard, two guys named Wesley Clark Jr and Michael Wood Jr are organizing a massive group of veterans to rally at Standing...

  • tdf-office-space

    The Damned Few — Office Space

      Ice Goose has found himself in a predicament and will need to talk his way out of….Office Space?  

  • sealy

    The Damn Few Origins — Sealy

      Who knew that the little lovable Sealy would turn out to be a “Top Secret Navy Seal.” Let’s take a closer look at that cold, dark night.

  • damnfew

    The Damn Few Origins — Coastie

    While he doesn’t get much screen time, Coastie is just as important as the Coast Guard….we think.

  • shutterstock_231974662

    The Dumbass Chronicles: The Wild Boar

    By RU Rob Spend any time in Europe and you will know that there is a shit-ton of wild pigs in the forests.  As detailed in an earlier post: “Helfen Sie...

  • Damn_Few_Screen-Cap

    The Damn Few Origins — Ice Goose

      Ever wondered how Ice Goose became is polished gentleman that he is?  Let’s take a look.  

  • killingpoolfeatured

    The Killing Pool

    By Chad “Robo” Robichaux The work I am privileged to do at Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs allows me to see the heart of our Military Warriors, understand why they served, and...

  • damnfew

    The Damn Few Origins — Gunny

        At what point in Gunny’s life did he become the hell-raising devil dog?  Today we find out.  

  • what to do

    What to do?

    Editor’s Note: Some of you may know Six from her wildly popular Facebook page: Overly Sensitive Military Wives.  Well, I have been courting, harassing, seducing, asking her to write for us...

  • shutterstock_278040959

    The Best Advice I Ever Received

      By RU Rob It is election season and unfortunately we still have a couple weeks of non-stop commercials, media distraction, blah blah blah. I really do hate the election cycle...

  • 031222-N-9742R-005

    Dumbass Chronicles: Hanging out with Hollywood

    By Jack Mandaville I’ve been around a lot of famous people for whatever reason—A-listers at the pinnacle of their careers. But to be honest with, I’ve only been star struck three...

  • runners

    Run Towards Pain

      By Nick Barringer That which hurts, also instructs. -Ben Franklin I hate running. Maybe because I’ve never been any good at it.  But still, I hate running. Yet on this...

  • damnfew1

    The Damn Few Origins — Rhino

    As we look deep into the origins of the the few, the proud, The Damn Few (wait, was that too much?), there was no way I could’ve predicted this. Also, can...

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