• Happy Birthday to Hercules – 60 Years of Flying

      By RU Pablo “C-130 rolling down the strip, 64 Rangers on a one-way trip…” Regardless of your MOS or if you joined the Army in 1974 or 2014, you have...

  • Hero of the Week: Master Sergeant Joshua Gavulic

      By Havoc 13 I never met Josh “Gav” Gavulic, but by all accounts he was an all-around genuinely good person. People who knew him well describe a dedicated father and...

  • Meet Dan Ruiz

    Danny Ruiz is an atypical zoomie. He joined the U.S. Air force in February 2003 and spent the first three years of active duty as a Aircraft weapons guys for the...


    If being unbelievably hot, extremely sweet and sharp isn't enough, Lindsay also owns an arsenal of assault weapons! What else do you need people?!

  • Dan Barerra

    We at Ranger Up would like to introduce you to Dan Barrera. Many of you have seen Dan on the UFC reality television show, The Ultimate Fighter 6.