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Updated: June 5, 2011

It's not polite to look down a man's tube

This month’s issue of TapouT magazine is all about the military and MMA. So who else stands brazenly at the crossroads of those two fine institutions screaming at the moon like Buzz Aldrin on Prozac? Ranger Up! Several RU sponsored fighters are featured in this issue like TIm Kennedy, Alex Soto, Liz Carmouche, Chad Robichaux, and Jorge Rivera. Strangely that wasn’t enough awesome manliness for them, so they threw in an article on us! That still wasn’t enough manliness so they did a story on Chuck Norris. That was too much manliness so they took it out and wrote one about Tom Brady for the right balance of testosterone. They were kind enough to give us a copy of our article.

Check it out here.



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