Rivera Wins at UFC 104

Updated: August 26, 2009


Congratulations to Jorge “El Conquistador” Rivera who defeated Rob Kimmons by TKO at UFC 104 in Los Angeles last weekend. Rivera ups his record to 17-7 with this win, but instead of resting on his laurels and taking it easy, Rivera graciously agreed to train Marines at Ranger Up’s Train the Troops event at Camp Pendleton, California. That’s just one reason we respect the hell out of him. Rivera is a former Armored Cavalryman who’s endured hardships that would break lesser men, including the loss of his teenage daughter last year and the death of his trainer and friend, Eric Armington. Yet despite those setbacks and various nagging injuries, he soldiers on and even donates his time to giving free combatives seminars to troops here in the U.S. and abroad. RU Nick spent a good deal of time with Rivera at Ultimate Fight Night 18 and found out first hand what makes El Conquistador tick. Check out his story at Fight! magazine’s website here.


Jorge Rivera models our St Michael shirt in his own special way



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