Ranger Up’s 2015 Gift Guide — The Goods

Updated: November 27, 2015

Here we go with the second part of our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.  This time we focus on the fun stuff.

KOTA Long Boards

KotaRIDEIf you were like me, and grew up riding a skateboard through your neighborhood and freaking your mom out- boy do we have a gift idea for you! KOTA long boards have spent years in the game crafting the absolute best long board decks in the game.

KOTA has a close connection to the military, founder Mike Maloney is a former Navy F-14 pilot and half the company’s workforce is made up of veteran’s our veteran spouses. KOTA is an acronym for Knights of the Air, the name given to the earliest fighter pilots in WW1.

Handcrafted in Denver, Colorado KOTA Longboards is a veteran owned company proving that performance and aesthetic in longboards are not mutually exclusive. These guys start by creating their boards from Hardrock Wisconsin maple – known for its strength and ability to hold shape. Every KOTA longboard is cambered for a lively ride and the concave shaped sides to naturally keep the rider’s weight centered over the board, for you grunt’s out there it means you can go fast and stay on the board easily. KOTA’s distinctive appearance comes from the hand-stained designs enhanced by the exclusive KOTAgrip – a clear, gloss resin finish that is both grippy and durable. This means no grip tape covering up the all-American designs and rich wood grain.

KOTA longboards are designed for a controlled, carving ride are available in four shapes – each with distinctive performance characteristics.

KOTA also continues to give back to our community by making Veteran hiring a focus as they continue their march towards skate domination.

From now until December 18th the crew is hooking you up with FREE shipping on any long board purchase! It’s your Life, Carve it!

Get yours now at: http://www.kotalongboards.com/


Battle Mug

PmugEvery warrior must have his drinking chalice. That awe inspiring drinking vessel that announces it is time for fun and revelry in the man cave. The Vikings had their drinking horns; the modern American warrior has the Battle Mug PMUG. The PMug features injected molded M1913 Picatinny rails on 3 sides with a Carry Handle molded into the other final side. Set to be able to hold a full 20oz of your favorite adult beverage this is a serious mug for serious drinking. The PMug also has a built in spot on the bottom for you to affix a standard American dog tag, you know, for accountability when you wake up the next morning and need to conduct a sensitive items check.

All Battle Mug’s are 100% American made, and it’s a 100% Veteran owned company that has been in the game of providing high quality drinking vessels for years.

The PMug is normally priced at a very reasonable $45.00. But through the holiday season the guys at Battle Mug want to hook you up. Use the coupon code: RangerUp to knock an additional 15% off your PMug purchase. This code is only good for the very limited time of this holiday season.

Check out the PMug and the other amazing Battle Mug products (Tommy has been dropping hints to Mrs. Batboy for months about the Swaymore flask) at: http://shop.battlemug.com/



Curmudgeonism Front Cover Final LRCurmudgeonism: (noun) a state of mind, unwavering, unapologetic, and uninterested in what people think.

Since our own bad ass of a writer, Kelly Crigger, wrote this amazing ode to the inner thoughts of the average Rhino Den reader, I’ll let him explain why this book is a must have on your holiday wish list: We are the proverbial old dog that can’t be taught new tricks because we know the old tricks are tried and true.

We have firm beliefs that can’t be shaken: Free trade is good, true leaders are rare, happiness is a luxury, and arguing with an idiot is a waste of time. Curmudgeons do not apologize for our views because we’ve spent half a lifetime developing them. Theory and idealism sounds good in school but only until it becomes cost prohibitive and the real world determines ground truth. We’re uncaring about what people think and have low expectations on the world because it’s done little more than disappoint us. We’re middle aged and tired of looking, acting, feeling the way people want us to, so we’re breaking out and being who we were meant to be; irascible curs who make the world a better place through brutal honesty. We see this as our duty and take it seriously. Does this sound like you? Then by all means, buy the ticket. Take the ride and get the book here.


The Caliber

muzzleshot_whitebg_highrezThe toasting of comrades, good times, and just plain fun has been a time honored tradition of the American military man or woman since the Revolution. Now the modern warrior has the ability to up their shot game with The Caliber. Formerly known as Muzzlesh**(leave it to the lawyers to ruin a good time) these vessels of toasting finery are made from hardcoat anodized, aluminum and stylized after the A2 Flash Hider to create some of the most unique ballistic barware on the market. Instantly recognizable, the these stoutly made glasses are the perfect gift for the Veteran in your life who likes to say “we remember” with a shot of their favorite adult spirt, or just something for that someone who has everything!

If you are already stacked deep on shot glasses, it is would also be worth checking out the .308 Middy highball. When the night calls for three fingers of American bourbon, it deserves to poured into a glass that bourbon would be proud to call home.

You can see more of the Caliber product line here: http://caliberbarware.com/




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