Ranger Up’s 2015 Gift Guide — The Gear

Updated: November 27, 2015

It’s time for us give you our picks for the Ranger Up 2015 Gift Guide in the gear category.

Wilder Tactical

It is a rare trick that you make something so functional it is cutting edge technology and so cool that your favorite super hero wants to wear it, and yet that is exactly what the guys at Wilder Tactical have done with their revolutionary injection molded pouches and holster.

IMG_9172Founder, and former 75th Ranger Regiment medic, Josh VanHeusen started Wilder after the rubber bands that kept his CAT tourniquets on his gear were always breaking. This simple start lead to the creation of a new type of pouch that marries durable kydex molded plastic with Josh’s “evolution bands” for a retention system that will both keep everything where it needs to be, and allow you superior mag changing speeds.

Already the darling new kid on the block on the Mid-Atlantic 3-gun circuit (and home defense rigs of at least one Ranger Up employee), Wilder Tactical has also attracted the notice of some Hollywood types. You will be able to see a host of Wilder Tactical products as part of the gear out loads for characters in Marvel’s forthcoming “Captain America: Civil War.”

If you or a loved one is an active 3-gun shooter, or is looking for the next generation of pouches for their combat kit, Wilder Tactical is a good gift worth giving.

You can find out more about Wilder Tactical and all of their pouches and holsters here: http://wildertactical.com/


Gingrich Tactical

kitchenYou already know our good friend and blade maker, Justin Gingrich, from his limited edition runs of tactical knives and Tomahawks for all of us here at Ranger Up.

You probably don’t know about is that in addition to being a stud tactical blade maker, Justin is also a world class custom kitchen cutlery maker.   Blending perfect balance with precision craftsmanship each custom kitchen project Justin takes on in a functional work of art. When our good friend Mike Schlitz needed high quality, adaptive blades, he called on Justin to make it happen.

Serious chefs will tell you their most important tools in the kitchen are their blades.   Working with the highest quality steel and best handle materials ranging from mother of pearl to abalone to desert iron wood or carbon fiber, Justin can do everything from a butcher’s clever to the most finely balanced French Chef’s knife or Santoku blade down to the most precise paring knife.

150801_474156349317833_1644929192_nIn addition to his skill as a blade creator, because these are custom, he can work with you or your loved one to make sure the knife is exactly what they need, unlike store bought knives (no matter how much you paid for them).

If you’re interested in Justin creating a one of kind, world class knife or set of knives for you, get in contact with him here.


Lanxang Tactical

Lanxang Tactical is a bad ass manufacturer of precision AR rifles based out of Conyers, GA.

These dudes have 20 years of experience machining parts for the aerospace industry and nearly every part that goes into their rifles is built in-house to the same standards expected by Boeing or NASA. The rifle designs were developed by a veteran of the 75th Ranger Regiment with multiple combat deployments, this is not your average mass produced AR boys and girls.

Both their VL-34 (.308) and the LTE-42 (5.56) rifles are machine sculpted in-house from blocks of solid 7075 billet aluminum, and mated to a Lothar-Walther barrel, for premium accuracy and durability, and we do mean durable. Even the original prototypes are still in active competitive service with over 6,000 rounds apiece already through the rifles.

lte42 bwFor accuracy shooters using the VL-34 took 3rd place overall at the 2015 USASOC sniper challenge and 2nd and the 2015 International Sniper Competition, these guns are built to be the best of both worlds. The LTE-42 is putting daily work by veteran shooters/instructors Eddie Edmundson and Greg Wilson with The Range Complex.

The VL-34 guarantees sub-MOA capability with Match-grade ammunition, and delivers .75 inch groups or better spitting out your standard ball ammo. If it can’t deliver .75 inches with standard ball, the rifle doesn’t make it out the door.

The team that created and tests the VL-34 are veterans who understand the need for a reliable, consistent, and accurate blaster that an operator can depend on without question. These guys are just as confident in their ability to make a world class blaster as you are in your ability to put down targets with a rifle like this.

To see more hit them up at: www.lanxangtactical.com



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