Ranger Up News 3/8/2012

Updated: March 8, 2012

Ranger Up News – 3/8/2012


There is so much going on here at Ranger Up that we have decided that you need a weekly newsletter to keep you informed on what we are up to.  Here is our inaugural edition.

Team Rhino gets Busy in Texas

Ranger Up’s Team Rhino is taking over the MMA scene in Texas this weekend.  RU Fighters Phillip Platt and Brandon Farmer are fighting in San Antonio Saturday night.  Go out and support these fine fighters.

How to Get a Job

Nick has posted video #3 of the Ranger Up Web Series – How to get a Job.  This time around Nick tackles the intricate art of “Networking.” As funny as it may seem on the screen shot – rectum jokes are not the preferred means of breaking the ice when it comes to networking.

RU Has a Job Opening

Now that you have seen Nick’s video on how to get a job, it is time to put all of that knowledge to use.  Ranger Up is looking for a Junior Brand Manager for the Unapologetically American line.  In case you missed it, the job announcement is here.  Make sure you submit all required documents no later than 3/15/2012.

New Designs

Unapologetically American released 2 shirt designs this week; one of which is a New 2nd Amendment shirt as our freedom was won by the citizen-soldier refusing to give in to tyranny. It must be protected by him as well.

Continuing the Hard Work theme, check out the Hard Work-Farming shirt.  Because it’s hard work, done by hard people, and no one does it better than America’s Farmers.

Ranger Up introduced 2 new shirts last week based on classic Ranger Up designs.  The first is the updated Rough Men T Shirt. Ranger Up salutes you, and we promise we’ll never forget the sacrifices you make so that we can live freely.

The other new Ranger Up shirt is for our LEO brothers and sisters.  A version of the I Run Towards Gunfire T Shirt that is specific to the men and women who keep the peace at home. The difference between us and everyone else is that we run towards the gunfire.  And that’s the only difference that matters.


Did you know that you can find all of the Video-Gold Ranger Up has ever produced right here on the Rhino Den?  Look at the top of the page and over to the right.  See that little button there that reads “Video?”  Hours of entertainment right at your fingertips.  Still can’t find it?  No worries, click here.

Upcoming Articles

Rob reviews Veteran owned – Mach 3 Composites – and their carbon fiber Iphone and Ipad cases. See if Tommy Batboy can destroy a state of the art Iphone case while in Vegas, coming soon to the Rhino Den.

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