Paying for Chaos

Updated: October 5, 2013


By Kerry Patton

Economic meltdowns create ripe environments for human manipulation. People are hungry, cold, hot, poor, etc. To what extent will a hungry person go to feed his/her family? To what extent will a manipulator go with a tasking where he/she is willing to feed that hungry person and or the associated family?

The world is filled with manipulators. Some are much better than others and so long as the manipulator knows the target’s mental state, it’s easy to play the manipulation game.

Imagine a manipulator so good at doing what he/she does, they can actually turn the world into a full blown chaotic state? Could it happen? Has it happened?

Stephen Gaghan, director of the movie Syriana, spoke about some of the things he uncovered while traveling throughout the Middle East with former CIA officer Robert Baer. The two were traveling the region to collect information and details for the movie’s script. One of the things he mentioned could be construed as overly disturbing. You can see the interview here.

A group of Saudi oil tycoons were sitting around a table playing a game throwing ideas around for which country would be next to be overthrown for its energy assets. “The one guy having the party, the richest of them all, he cleared the table and said, ‘you’re all wrong, it’s Venezuela. And it cost $50 million dollars.’”

The oil tycoon explained in detail how the $50 million would be/has been used to create the chaos. Media would be purchased and protestors would be paid to take to the streets. Chaos would unfold and desired end-states would be achieved.

Espionage-MacedoniaIf anyone looked closely at the “Arab Spring” and today’s crisis in Syria, they would realize many of those who initially took to the streets were actually manipulated to do so.

Not only were some of these persons manipulated, many were and have continued to actually be paid to pick up arms and fight in these revolutions. The nations of Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia are key culprits in providing paychecks to Islamist radicals in Syria today yet even private donations have been established to assist these fighters—most of which comes from individual oil tycoons out of Arabia.

Intelligence services from around the world utilize manipulation as part of their trade, as do large private corporations.

On July 15th, two former intelligence officers who retired from the US Army wrote a piece for Homeland Security Today titled “Sequester And Furloughs: It’s Discount Espionage Time.” In it, they explain how sequester has the potential for Foreign Service asset recruitment—a common practice which falls under the tactic of manipulation.

From Benedict Arnold, John Walker Jr., Aldrich Ames, and Robert Hanssen, the article provides historical cases show how some persons are willing to be manipulated by foreign entities. Of note, the four aforementioned persons, while likely had multiple vices that could have been used against them, were actually paid for the chaos they helped create.

During the Occupy Wall Street protests which occurred across the nation, it has become fact that many protesters were actually paid to take to the streets. And sadly, even as groups of World War II veterans went to the WWII memorial this week, at least one protestor admitted being paid $15 for an anti-Republican quagmire.

Who is actually paying for such chaos and why? Could it be a US entity, one of foreign origin, or possibly even a combination of the two?

What are these manipulators objectives? What are their end-stated goals? Do enough manipulators exist around the world to create unprecedented amounts of pandemonium? Can this chaos actually trickle into the United States?

This is no black swan type of event. History provides enough indicators and warnings demonstrating a serious potential of a crisis looming even here in the land of Old Glory. So the question is, “what can we do about it before it becomes too late?”

Kerry Patton is author of the book Contracted II: America’s Terror Trackers which is on sale now for just 99 cents.




  1. PKorman

    October 5, 2013 at 7:51 pm

    Excellent piece, Sir. Do a little research on Stanley Greenberg, of Greenberg, Quinlan, Rosen. He is a close “friend” of The Clintons, working in the administration as his chief political strategist. Greenberg was involved in Egypt and tried a repeat performance with OWS here and then in Israel. What a coincidence?

    Speaking of manipulation, here is the guide he puts out for the gun control movement. It speaks to his penchant for well organized manipulation. it may provide you with more of a feel for the man and his MO.


    • Common Sense

      October 7, 2013 at 9:09 pm

      WOW- that document is disturbing!
      Full of complete falsehoods. Sickening that it clearly states to ignore statistics and focus on nonsense.

  2. Charie n

    October 6, 2013 at 12:24 am

    Makes sense to me, back in the sixties and early seventies I knew people in college, communes and the military that were receiving offers of money, drugs and such. Some accepted, others did not. Some were entreated to do things like going south to support Civil and voting Rights. Others to chant “Ha Ha LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?”. Some identified the offers as coming from Russia, China, or activist groups here. Not something new. Likely you might consider the hiring of Greeks to turn on the Spartans, by the Persians.

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