Paris, ISIS, and Righteous Violence

Updated: November 15, 2015


By Kevin Wilson

On Friday, 129 people lost their lives in a series of terror attacks in France. It’s unknown right now what the final number will come out to, but it’s safe to say that we can expect it to rise in the next few days and weeks as some of the rest of the 352 injured succumb to their wounds. 99 are reported to be in critical condition.

For the second time this year, unarmed civilians were mowed down in France by terrorists, not counting the attempted shooting on the train stopped by the intervention of the passengers.

Three attacks, two successful. No telling how many more were thwarted before they ever began. ParisAttacks

At least 41 are dead after a pair of suicide bombings in Beirut, with an additional 200 wounded.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for both the most recent attacks, and are suspected to have had a hand in the Charlie Hebdo shootings.

Meanwhile, the denizens of Twitter and Facebook are falling all over themselves to declare their support for Paris, mostly ignoring Beirut, and generally flooding the internet with worthless platitudes and calls for prayer.

This nebulous idea of “showing support” accomplishes nothing. Posting a hashtag or putting a flag filter on your profile picture accomplishes nothing. Regurgitating memes with Bible verses accomplishes nothing.

A hashtag will not bring back the dead. A flag filter will not scare the murdering filth into stacking arms and giving up their vile cause. Your memes will not heal the wounds or mend the lives shattered by violence.

There is only one solution that will end this.

“The cure for violence of evil men is righteous violence in return.”

All over the world, soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines of many a nation are chomping at the bit. We’ve had it with standing by and watching atrocity after atrocity go unanswered. We’re tired of politicians wringing their hands and mumbling excuses.

We don’t care about the powers that be and their games. We are tired of seeing the headlines and knowing it’s only a matter of time before the next attack. We’re tired of being sidelined for the sake of political expedience.

Just let us do our jobs.  righteousv-8

For the folks bleating on about how violence isn’t the answer, I have but one question: what should we do instead? Come up with a real, workable solution and then start lecturing us all about how we’re all murdering heathens.

For the folks ranting about how it’s not all Muslims, cool. We get that. You get a gold star in diversity and cultural awareness. We’re not trying to start a crusade to take back the holy land. All we want to do is find the murdering lowlifes who are rampaging through the cradle of civilization, drive them out of their holes, and spill their blood on the sand. We don’t care what god they pray to. All we care about is the fact that they’re murdering innocents in droves, and not just in Paris.

For the politicians who have done an outstanding job shackling us to the ineffectual notion that wars are won through the hearts and minds of the people, I ask that you remember how that got us here in the first place. Wars are not won through hearts and minds, they’re won by breaking the will and the ability to fight. They’re won by making the prospect of continuing to fight so unbearable that the enemy has no choice but to surrender.

This enemy doesn’t view half measures and acts of mercy as signs of compassion, they see it as weakness. Let us disabuse them of that notion.

And finally, to those unable or unwilling to take up arms against the enemy but still genuinely want to help, there are a number of different charities out there. Do a little research, find a charity that you like, and give as much as you’re comfortable giving. If you’ve the resources and the will to do so, volunteer. There’s no shortage of ways to help.

Ordinarily I’d try and close up by offering a quick summary of the article and maybe a pithy statement, but today I’d like to try something a little different. Here’s a quote from Heather Alexander’s March of Cambreadth that I think summarizes my feelings and the feelings of a great many other men and women in uniform:

Close your mind to stress and pain,
Fight till you’re no longer sane
Let not one damn cur pass by,
How many of them can we make die



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