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  • 800px-Mortar_firing_Iraq

    Dumbass Chronicles: The Inspection

    By RU Rob The mere mention of the word INSPECTION to any member of the military will automatically draw groans, moans, bitches, gripes and complaints. Inspections can be...

  • BroVPywCEAENqDZ.jpg large

    War Stories – A Review

      By Pablo James During times of war, we have often seen elements of war and combat enter the realm of fiction writing. Typically, there are those veterans...

  • shutterstock_85818124

    The Top 11 Most Haunting Songs About Combat

      By Kelly Crigger Everyone has a song or two that sticks with them but for veterans there are a few that have special meaning because they make...

  • DeptofHomelandSecurity

    The Coming Apocalypse: Bullets, Beans, and Ebola

      By Ross Elder My ever creative friends delight in posting internet conspiracy theories to my facebook timeline in sort of a sick and twisted challenge game. The...

  • Uniform

    A Military and Hollywood Urban Legend Debunked

      By Kelly Crigger Urban legends have staying power no matter how ridiculous they are (how many of you have eaten Pop Rocks with Coke to see if...

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