Operation Ranger Up – Application Guidelines

Updated: March 19, 2014


The following items are what you’ll need to apply to the Ranger Up Veteran Entrepreneur program.

1.       Cover Letter

Please include your contact information, an introduction, biography, so we know we have it.  Then, in your own words describe why you want to be in the program and why you think you are the perfect candidate.

2.       Copy of your DD-214

Please provide a copy of your DD-214 separation document. We will ONLY consider applicants who have received an Honorable Discharge.

3.       Your Business Plan
4.       Your Resume
5.       2-4 character references

Please choose people that know you well, a teacher, your former NCOIC/OIC, etc.  Please include their name, phone number, and relation to you.  As much as we know your family is a big supporter, we ask they not be on your character reference list.

6.       A short video summary of why you think you should be our next Veteran Entrepreneur

We are going to be doing a series of webisodes following our Veteran Entrepreneur(s) through every phase of the program, so you have to be able to be on camera! So in a short video let us know why you should be the next great Veteran Entrepreneur.  We understand that not every person is Steven Spielberg, but we would like to get a general idea of you on camera and your video creativity. Points will absolutely be given for awesomeness.

Due to the expected volume of applications, it is in your best interest to spend a considerable amount of time on this.

All submissions must be sent to the following:

Email: [email protected]

Snail Mail:

Tom Amenta

Atomschirm Corp.

923 E. Trinity Ave.

Suite H

Durham, NC 27704

Rules for the Program


1. The only business that we will not consider is another military based lifestyle clothing brand.

2. Our perfect candidate is a scalable product or service. We will look at your idea and your qualifications, but understand that the goal of the program is to set Veterans up for success in the business world. We won’t bring someone into the program that we aren’t 100% confident that we can make their chances of success markedly better.

3. It’s a requirement for the selected Veteran Entrepreneur to move here to Durham, NC for the year the program takes. It might sound like a no brainer, but we want to make it clear that if you’re chosen, you’ll be living in the Bull City for a year.

4. You will be paid and treated like a salary employee for the year that you are here. We will assist you however possible, within reason, but when you get here you will need to find and pay for your lodging and other personal needs throughout the year.

5. You will most likely be traveling on a number of company trips as part of the program. These required events could be, but are not limited to, tradeshows, brand marketing events, vendor meetings, and sponsorship events.

6. If you are selected you are agreeing to be a part of us filming a monthly webisode series so that all of our supporters who funded the program can see your progress.

7. As part of the program you will be working both on your business concept/plan and a curriculum that we developed here at Ranger Up which will be the basis of the webisode series.

8. And we do mean curriculum. This will be a project driven process where you will be evaluated every step of the way. If you grade out poorly, your project won’t be funded. This is going to be a lot of very serious work.

9. If we eclipse $75,000 in online donations for Operation: Ranger Up, you will be going to a Veteran Small business somewhere in the United States to work on a consulting project as part of your Ranger Up curriculum.



One Comment

  1. Robert Casey Hagstrom

    March 31, 2014 at 6:44 pm

    I am currently a US Marine as well as the co-owner of Hybrid Theory Barbell Club. We are interested in your amazing opportunity but don’t quite meet the requirements of being in possession of a DD214. Both of us are Sergeants that have the ability to get out of the Marine Corps under honorable conditions, however while currently undertaking the responsibility of starting a new business it would not be wise to take the plunge and get out of the military in hopes of earning your apprenticeship. So my question is are we still able to apply and if selected use the VEERP program to be released early from service to fulfill the apprenticeship?

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