Oh that Michael Moore

Updated: January 13, 2013

By RU Contributor Antonio Aguilar

Michael-Moore7Ah, Michael Moore; the name is synonymous with felony level douchebagery (I think that’s a word). My own little love affair with this sad excuse for a journalist began some time back in 2004. My unit, G Troop 2/1 AD, was in Baghdad having a fun little time on our first deployment to Iraq. We were given a reporter to take a long on a raid and we did. We secured everyone, segregated the men from the women and children so that they wouldn’t be humiliated by having to be seen in cuffs by their families. The women and children were made comfortable in one room, allowed to sit down and given water. That didn’t stop them from crying. Then, Fahrenheit 9/11 came out and I found out, in 2004, that the footage shot by that reporter made it into the film. With a little clever editing, a fairly soft handed raid became a picture of American soldiers brutalizing Iraqi civilians, with a heavy emphasis on the tears.

Well, a few days ago I stumbled across another little gem by this douche, his New Year’s resolutions. A Fox News video brought this to my attention, and while I like Fox I still had to look into it myself. Sure enough, there it was in his own words; ‘Stop saying “I support the troops.” I don’t.’ He went into a long rant trying to justify his position, but one line stood out: “But at some point all individuals must answer for their actions, and now that we know our military leaders do things that have nothing to do with defending our lives, why would anyone sign up for this rogue organization?” He tries to claim that he still has respect for soldiers, but he has no respect for the organization that they comprise? Well, that’s just plain stupid. I suspect he took a lot of heat for that, and on January 3rd he published a half-ass explanation in Huffington Post, one of the few media outlets that will still give him a voice:

“I don’t support the troops, America, and neither do you. I am tired of the ruse we are playing on these brave citizens in our armed forces. And guess what — a lot of these soldiers and sailors and airmen and Marines see right through the bullshit of those words, “I support the troops!,” spoken by Americans with such false sincerity — false because our actions don’t match our words. These young men and women sign up to risk their very lives to protect us — and this is what they get in return:”

What follows is a long rant of everything that, in his mind, is wrong with the military and America. Most notably; soldiers fight unnecessary wars and are pawns of the ‘military-industrial complex’, the military is overrun with rampant sexual assault, and veterans are pretty much failures who end up jobless, homeless, and killing themselves. He cares so much that when he sees homeless veterans on the street he admits that he just walks on by.

So if Mr. Moore thinks that there is something seriously wrong with how the military itself, and America, treats soldiers then when is he doing about it? His answer; “I’ve done nothing.” So then what the hell, if he cares so much as he claims, is his point in saying he doesn’t support the troops?

‘I don’t “support the troops” or any of those other hollow and hypocritical platitudes uttered by Republicans and frightened Democrats. Here’s what I do support: I support them coming home. I support them being treated well. I support peace, and I beg any young person reading this who’s thinking of joining the armed forces to please reconsider. Our war department has done little to show you they won’t recklessly put your young life in harm’s way for a cause that has nothing to do with what you signed up for. They will not help you once they’ve used you and spit you back into society. If you’re a woman, they will not protect you from rapists in their ranks. And because you have a conscience and you know right from wrong, you do not want yourself being used to kill civilians in other countries who never did anything to hurt us. ‘

Alright, now I get it… I think. Mr. Moore feels that showing any support for soldiers will only encourage what he thinks the military represents; rape and murder. Therefor, if he can make everyone hate anything and everything in uniform then we will magically enter into some new era of peace and harmony where no military is every needed and therefor no one, soldier or civilian, will be victimized by it. I guess that’s what douche bags like Michael Moore take for logic.

Is rape wrong? Absolutely! So is murder. But then by his “logic” we should also oppose the very existence of colleges and gangs. How many young female college students get raped every year? I don’t see him saying anything about that atrocity. Murder is even more terrible but he hasn’t made any movies criticizing the gangster thugs who terrorize our cities and gun down innocent people on a daily basis, far more than the civilian deaths directly inflicted by rogue soldiers (who are few and far between, I might mention).

I have news for Mr. Moore; the military is not the “rogue” organization that he believes it is. It is one of the finest, if not the finest, organizations in the world. It is the arm of America, reaching out to bring peace and freedom to others. It is an equal opportunity for young people regardless of their background. Where else in the world can someone from the barrio and someone from the suburbs receive completely equal opportunity for advancement based entirely off of their own skill and dedication? Hell, the military was one of the first organizations to end segregation!

We agree, you ARE a loser!

We agree, you ARE a loser!

Do bad things happen within the military? Yes but those incidents aren’t as widespread as he claims. People like him take these tragic incidents and play off them, exaggerating them into propaganda fueling the hate that many already feel towards the military and America both here in this country and abroad. During Vietnam, the NVA and Vietcong understood the value of propaganda very well, as do our current enemies who did, actually attack us (contrary to what Michael Moore seems to believe). They all love bad publicity; hunting for every possible Mai Lai and Haditha they can find. They love things like this douche bag’s article, telling people not to support the troops or enlist in the military because that in turn encourages rape in the ranks and the so called military-industrial complex.

As the Fox News commentator pointed out, the military is the very reason that Michael Moore has the first amendment rights he so enjoys to abuse. He doesn’t seem to see it quite that way. He will acknowledge that soldiers “offer to sacrifice their life to defend my right to live.” But, he pretty much stops there. There is no acknowledgment that the military he no longer supports has done more than any other force in modern history to defend and further freedom for not only America but the rest of the world too. Europe owes its freedom to the men and women in uniform who, in his mind, are apparently preoccupied with murder, rape, and suicide. South Koreans could be starving to death like their North Korean counterparts but they aren’t. Taiwan is still free because of our Navy, and the people of Iraq now have the right to vote. As bad as Afghanistan may still be, the Afghan people are not suffering under the thumb of the Taliban anymore.

So Mr. Moore, you asked “why would anyone sign up…” and I have an answer for you. People sign up because they are not all lazy, manipulative, shit bags completely devoid of any sense of honor or honesty. Unlike you, the rest of the world isn’t a bunch of self righteous, pompous, stuck up pricks. Some people would rather make a living working hard and doing something that matters rather than pumping out one dishonest piece of propaganda after another. People sign up and join this so called “rogue” organization because they understand what you do not; that there is honor in service and sacrifice. Judging by your arguments, I don’t think that you will ever grasp that concept. You are a complete and total douche bag, perhaps the biggest this country has ever produced, and I believe that the American people would greatly benefit from you doing the following: the official government news station of Douchebagistan is in desperate need of a new producer so kindly dust off your resume, purchase a one way ticket, and go apply there. I think you’ll fit in a little better over there.





  1. Ackattack

    January 13, 2013 at 11:24 am

    Well said, well said.

  2. Daniel Belin

    January 13, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    Michael Moore is many vile things, but he is not a douche—unlike him, a douche actually is useful for something.

  3. Curtis Boswell

    January 13, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    Michael Moore is a man on his way out. America has figured out, that Michael Moore is just another leftist media meat puppet, of the douchebag liberal media. In short? He’s anti-American,anti-military, and anti-freedom.

    Moore isn’t the guy who invented media-smear campaigns… Moore is definitely one who has refined the concept. This guy isn’t even really that creative, for shit’s sake. He takes other people’s thoughts, and directives, and makes them his own. Rant is pretty much his stock in trade. Many of his rants have no basis in actual fact. Moore has a flair for pontificating his “opinions” as factual information, when they are anything but.

    I’ve got it in, for ANYONE who says “don’t support the troops”, and who tries to tell Americans “I don’t support the troops, America, and you don’t either”. FUCK YOU, Michael Moore. You don’t know the first damned thing about REAL Americans. All you have to go by, are the pale imitations of Americans that are your buddies in Hollywood. You wouldn’t know shit, about people who volunteer at the USO, at Veteran’s Hospital volunteer workers, or people who put on Concerts and benefits for veteran’s aid. You have a political agenda, that is anti veteran, and anti patriot. You are a loudmouthed,limpdicked, shit for brains socialist scumbag, that deserves no more than a buttstroke upside the head. May god save this country, from your slanted monologues, and give America’s youth the clarity of vision, to see through your socialist bullshit. Michael Moore, you are a pariah, and you should be nominated for DOUCHEBAG OF THE DECADE.

    My name is Curtis Boswell, and I approve this message.

  4. SGT Grunt

    January 13, 2013 at 1:05 pm

    Moore is a perfect product of societies recent push to be pompous, ignorant, self entitled, fat pricks that order their triple caramel douchebagiatos at Starbucks and talk about their “problems.” Freedom is messy and shit happens. This guy doesn’t possess a sense of duty. Plus the fact that RU wrote an article about his douchebagery is proof of what we think of him.

  5. Tam Vu

    January 13, 2013 at 1:28 pm

    Wow, interesting article. Recently i find myself really enjoy reading these articles. Isn’t ROB the same person who wrote an article about a “douchebag” marine that pulled a public stunt by dressing up and stand in front of an elementary school and claimed that he served in afghanistan while he didn’t? If it’s the same person then I REALLY LOVE YOUR ARTICLE MAN!.

    • Antonio Aguilar

      January 14, 2013 at 1:55 pm

      Rob is kind of our manager, and runs the web sites. I wrote this article, but don’t let that discourage you from reading Rob’s writings; they’re good too!

  6. J.D.

    January 13, 2013 at 1:29 pm

    Full disclosure: I’m a liberal former 11B, but I have no love for Mr. Moore. But I think Mr. Aguilar missed the point of Moore’s essay. Moore was essentially arguing that slapping a magnet on your car or telling someone you support the troops is an empty gesture, and I tend to agree. It’s like saying you believe in support by fire, but then playing Angry Birds while you should be throwing lead at the objective. He’s saying that if you really support the troops, you need to prove it with your deeds. I find nothing objectionable with that statement.

    What I do take issue with is his exhortation to young people, considering enlistment or some other route to the Armed Forces, that they should not do so because they will be sent off to illegal wars and “spit back out” when they come home. While he makes an oblique point about how terrible the VA and other government agencies are about giving us the help that some of us need when we come home, he shows his utter ignorance about the modern American warrior class.

    I didn’t join because I wanted to be coddled when I got out. I didn’t join because I was duped by some scumbag recruiter into fighting a “war for oil” or some other bullshit, and neither were most of my buddies. I joined because I love my country and the country needs good people in its Armed Forces. I joined because I wanted to shoot terrorists in the face, test myself as a man, and not ever regret not having served when I looked back on my life. Given the chance to do it all over again, I’d still join, even if Moore’s imaginary unicorn parade of horribles actually happened to me. (In fact, it reminds me of RU’s “I served, I’d do it again” T-shirt – basically the only retort you need to that paragraph in Moore’s essay).

    Moore makes points about supporting veterans through our actions, not just through empty platitudes. That’s fine. But he proves how out of touch he is with our warrior class when he implies that we should not have served just because our veterans support network is flawed, or even because our war policy is misguided. That’s not why we serve. Should veterans receive the services they need? Absolutely. But would any of us have decided against joining because of any of the reasons that Moore offers against joining the Armed Services? Probably not.

  7. Sgt. Stringcheese

    January 13, 2013 at 6:22 pm

    When Fahrenheit 9/11 came out after my deployment, I was back at my civilian police job. The theater company in our town was concerned about the possibility of problems at the premier of the film. I worked an off-duty detail for $35.00 an hour to stand inside the theater during the first two screenings. I’m never gonna get that 180 minutes of my life back, the $35.00 an hour helped ease the pain.
    Just prior to the second screening I was standing in the lobby when a well dressed guy in chino’s and loafers came up to me, my guess he was a lawyer(I was in uniform).
    He asked, “what are you guys doing here, trying to intimidate us liberals?” My answer was simple, I just said there were nuts on both sides and I was there to keep the peace, and I was A-political while wearing the double-knit polyester in blue……..
    The movie ends and he sees me in the lobby.
    He comes up to me and says, “pretty powerful stuff huh?”
    I had a plan for just such a moment that I knew would come, I reached into my pocket and removed my USAF AMMO coin, flipped it to him.
    One side had a skull and crossbones biting a stick of dynamite, under the skull it said “Saddam Search Squad”. Now I wasn’t searching for Saddam, but the bombs and other munitions we built certainly were.
    I told him, “that movie was total bullshit, I just got back, maybe you should go there and see for yourself”. The look on his face was priceless, he just blindly looked at me, and started walking way. I yelled at him to give me my coin back, he sheepishly dropped his head and tossed it back to me without saying a word.

  8. Sgt. Stringcheese

    January 13, 2013 at 6:42 pm

    Michael Moore is nothing more than an attention whore, he likes attention more than food (and that’s saying alot). Mr. Moore is a multi-millionare, yet decries the system which made him one.

    We were vacationing on Mackinac Island in Michigan a few years ago, we were walking down Main Street and kept hearing people talk about Fahrenheit 9/11 while walkng by. It seemed odd because the movie was well over a year old. As my family and I were walking when we noticed a big guy waddling down the sidewalk about 50 yards ahead of us.
    My wife looked at me and saw the cheese eatin’ grin on my face, her first words were “don’t you dare”…….
    By the time I walked up to him, he was out of breath, leaning against a post sweating (really). The thoughts of what to do were swirling in my head, here he was, in all his I’m a douchebag fatness right in front of me. But looking at him he was just a fat, sweaty, bitter, nasty guy. One of his cronies saw me coming and went to step infront of me as I approached his douchebagness. I did think about punching the crony in the face just for fun, but a cooler mind prevailed.
    I got within about 2 feet of him, I knew he wanted attention and me doing something to him would play right into his hands.
    Ijust walked up to him, laughed really loud in a strange way, and waved my hands in his face and said “eh”……….turned around and walked away. The look on his face was enough to make my weekend.
    My oldest son told me later that a military guy was yelling at him as he walked by from the porch of our hotel. He said Mr. Moore went and grabbed a State Trooper and whined that he was being harraseed.
    What a douchebag X10.

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