Not My Wife But With My Life

Updated: March 11, 2016


By Kerry Patton


Remember the days wearing the military uniform and listening to an array of ridiculous catch phrases we threw around like throwing candy to kids on the roads in Iraq and Afghanistan? I’m here to tell you, everything you heard was all bullshit. So we wore the uniform and we are supposed to be a “brotherhood” but unfortunately, if such were true, it’s one of the most demented sibling relationships known to mankind.

Let me first say, if you are the type of guy who would trust another man to protect you and your life yet at the same time not trust that same man to be in a room, alone, without any sexual activities involved, with your wife, something is wrong. Think about that for a moment. Do you truly trust such an individual? You don’t. And nor do you trust your significant other, either.

shutterstock_100116671There is this thing called loyalty and unfortunately many, MANY, of those who wear and or wore the uniform have virtually nil. I hope the public is reading this as well because it’s something they really need to understand. And why disclose such a thing that no one really wants to talk about–because we have become an incredibly disloyal system within the national security domain.

If the American public only knew how disloyal so many really are who wear the uniform. They often falsely believe we are this incredible patriotic group of war fighters which is also a farce. The majority who serve are far from such a thing. Think about it: How many people do you know who wear/wore the uniform that would do anything to NOT have to deploy downrange? We all saw it and likely saw it more often then we wish to disclose. But why have we seen it so often?

Truth be told, many who serve/d didn’t give a damn about America or our national security. They went into the service for ulterior motives neglecting the number one reason to actually serve in the first place. Think about how many criminals we actually have wearing the uniform today.

The Armed Forces is full of dirtballs which includes even gang-bangers. In fact, in places like Fort Bragg, at least during the 90’s and early 2000’s, there are well over twenty different gangs running rampant on the base (I used to be a cop there, I know). You could see gang signs even pictured in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Gang Graffiti could be seen on some of the jersey barriers in the Green Zone as well. I assure you such scum is not loyal patriotic Americans doing what they do purely out of love for country let alone the guy they are fighting alongside.

But the gang issue is one of the least of the worries pertaining this thing called loyalty. The main issue is the individual commitment to being loyal in the first place as well as staying loyal. Look around social media like Facebook and observe some of the military/veteran pages. The non-stop attacks on our own “brothers and sisters” (scoff at that term by the way) has become unprecedented. And there is always a leader or two leading the attacks knowing their conglomerate of “White Knights” will be quick to chime in berating the mark. And everyone thinks such persons are loyal to the leader until of course, the tide is turned.

Then we have veterans who leave the service to start a new life. Some move on forgetting about the nonsense they had to deal with while wearing the uniform and lead normal lives. Others start their own companies willing to hire other veterans knowing they can reach out to some folks down on their luck needing just that glimmer of hope. Unfortunately, the veteran business owner eventually pile drives them down on their skulls with shit talking behind said persons back, failing to pay for services rendered, threatening law suits, etc. Yet that vetrepanuer thrives in their own riches fucking over their buddy who assisted them in their success.

Then you have non-profits. The magnitude of non-profits in existence set to assist veterans is overwhelming. I have ran across several (which I will not name as I have already been threatened with law suits) that were started by veterans that turned out to be complete frauds. Sure, some on the surface do what they claim but underneath the puffy clouds and yellow sunshine you find not only unethical monetary endeavors but also illegal activities as well. It’s gotten so bad; I will only donate and promote local charities these days excluding one or two national military friendly non-profits.

brothers-2.gifThe whole attitude that we veterans are some awesome, tight knit, brotherhood is laughable. We walk around saying things like “I trust you with my life but not with my wife.” Many will do anything to screw- over the next guy just to get a leg up on promotions. And worse, when we are down on our luck, many will actually take advantage of us and capitalize in means unfathomable.

Here is the good news. The vast majority of us veterans are amazingly brilliant and loyal mother fuckers—until you cross us then we are just amazingly brilliant capable in creating mayhem against you.

There are a few pages on social media that truly go out of their way to assist veterans in need. My favorite—Drink’n Bros Vigilant Guard—a social media page not affiliated with any non-profit organization capable in placing those in need with a local veteran willing to assist in a matter of minutes or hours at the most (yes, I recently saw this first hand and it was amazing).

Companies exist in which veterans own and operate that truly do stand by what they mean and will employ veterans in an attempt to give them opportunities to excel with pay and actual benefits—my buddies at Ranger Up and 9 Line Apparel are two I can think of without even batting an eye.

Non-profits exist and while I lack trust in the majority, I can say with certainty that Gallant Few is reputable willing to put their money where their mouth is and doesn’t put its CEO’s, President, whatever on a $300k salary like some non-profits we know yet shall not name here due to fear of legal bullshit they place on everyone who calls them out.

And you have individuals. Recently I posted a question to several pages on Facebook pertaining a worse nightmare scenario that went like this: If something were to happen to your most prized possession such as your wife or child, a violent incident by a violent perpetrator, what would you do? Allow our justice system to play out or become a vigilante and take things into your own hand. A buddy of mine said he knew he had “brothers” that would come to his aid. My reply was, “We think that, but truth be told, I firmly believe the majority whom we ‘think’ will come to our aide will never be seen. I know I can count on three to five though with certainty that they would be by my side…a number far from what I would like to assume would be there with us.” His response? “You know, you’re right, and for those of us who ever went into the suck (combat) we have all seen it first-hand where guy’s true colors shine.” What he was saying is, even in combat we have watched our own brothers turn into ostriches placing their heads in the sand until at least we put our boots up their asses.

Truth is, just because you wore the uniform, don’t think that everyone is willing to have your back. In fact, several who once served would love nothing but to put a dagger through your spine. So what does this really mean? We are no different than our civilian counterparts.



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