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Updated: March 5, 2009

join-or-die On May 9th, 1754, Benjamin Franklin drew the famous image of a separated snake on a woodcut background with the words Join or Die. Each segment of the snake represented a key colony at the time. Published in the Pennsylvania Gazette, it soon became a symbol of the colonies’ need to unite against the French.
In 1765, with the passage of the British Stamp Act, the Join or Die snake image grew in importance and was viewed as a symbol of colonial unity against the oppression of British Rule. In some states, the image was printed in the paper every single day.

Once the war began, the Join or Die image, in many variants, became a common standard for colonial militia.

We’ve wanted to do this t-shirt for a long time. We’ve combined Franklin’s amazing imagery with the E Pluribus Unum symbol from our nation’s seal. It means Out of Many, One and its existence profoundly states that Franklin’s warning to Join or Die was heeded.

We heart this t-shirt…or something else that sounds cooler than that. We hope you do too.

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