My Love/Hate Relationship With My Husband’s Ranger Panties

Updated: February 6, 2014

Editor’s note: When I was conducting my morning web survey I found this piece at cbsmom.com by a cancer survivor and Army wife. Posted with permission of the author.  Please stop by, check out the stories and let her know that Ranger Up sent you.  -RU Rob

By Gwen Ingram

Eleven years ago, when I married my husband, I had no idea I was beginning a relationship that involved Ranger Panties. First, let me tell you what they are. Urban Dictionary.com has a perfect description and I can’t explain it much better.

Ranger Panties:

The term given to Physical Training (PT) shorts issued to US Special Operations personnel during training. These one of a kind shorts are extremely short and have a specially tailored cut that ensures the wearers genitalia to show during numerous exercises. They closely resemble Richard Simmon’s work out shorts. These shorts are favored by the men of the Army’s Special Forces 10th Group. Ladies love leg…. skanks flock when ranger panties are on.

Sexy, right?

My husband started wearing his Ranger panties when he was with a Ranger battalion in 2000. He sported those black, silky shorty shorts with his running shoes and boots. Any given day around the buildings where he worked you could see the soldiers in his unit with their panties and boots. They weren’t ashamed of the thought that someone might see their junk. They were comfortable and that’s what mattered.

I can remember jogging with my girlfriend, Julia, in the mornings, about the same time a group of Rangers would come running by and of course they were all wearing the signature ranger panties. We always laughed and commented on the ones who looked extra good in their shorts. I have to add, my husband has extremely long legs, so his shorts always seemed a little shorter and made him seem a bit more daring.

After we left that unit and came to Ft. Carson, he still wore his panties. He ran in them, worked in them, relaxed in them. If he could have gotten away with it, I’m sure he would have worn them to our sons’ school functions, the grocery store and anywhere else casual attire is appropriate. His friends tell horror stories about how my husband in his ranger panties gave them nightmares. On his latest deployment he managed to pick up a few pairs that were a different color. Looks like he’s mixing things up.

For me, his ranger panties are endearing. They are something he’ll hang onto and wear until he’s old and senile. Yesterday, while folding his clothes, I counted 11 pairs of these things, ELEVEN! It’s really amazing that he’s been able to make a fashion statement that has lasted over a decade. My friend dropped by the other day and he was wearing a smaller pair of these lovely panties. She texted me later and said she thought he’d be embarrassed. I told her they are a part of him, it would be like if he was embarrassed of his hair color or one of his tattoos.

I’m not sure why the Ranger panties warrant a full post, but for all you Army wives who can relate, just know I share in your love hate relationships with these silky, sexy shorts our men insist on wearing.




  1. Samuel Leoon Suggs

    February 7, 2014 at 1:08 pm

    I lol’d!

  2. C.S.Chapman

    February 11, 2014 at 8:38 am

    I had two pair of Ranger Panties …. I wore them on a date with my girlfriend, {who is now my wife}….Not only was she shocked that I wore them on a date, she was also WOULDN’T let me out of the car to start our date off…. Needless to say, now that were married she has banished my “RP” to the Goodwill pile NEVER to be seen again…. PS- I think it was my “RP” that sealed the deal to get her to marry me….

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