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Updated: December 18, 2011

I'm going to say...Smirnoff. Yep, it's definitely Smirnoff.

We are all amazed by the radical designs that emerge on a never-ending basis from Ranger Up and its brands American Sin Bin and Unapologetically American. But just how to does this art come to fruition and exactly who is behind these sick designs? As part of our ongoing Meet the Staff series we’d like to introduce you to Luciano Carfagna or as we like to call him…Luc (that is pronounced Looch for all my fellow not-so-smart infantryman), the in-house designer for Ranger Up.

Believe it or not, even though he sports a name worthy of an Italian designer, Luc hails from…get this, Ohio. He didn’t know it then, but his high school activities were the precursor to his current job situation. You see, in the 9th grade, Luc was arrested along with nine of his friends for filming a home grown version of Jackass. It seems that the Westerville, Ohio Police Department was not too keen on a bunch of adolescents running around town doing self-depreciating stunts for a camera and deemed it as “Disturbing the Peace.” Disturbing indeed. And to top it off, they actually had to go to a Scared Straight class on the importance of not being a jackass.

After high school, Luc continued his education and has a degree in architecture. He was looking for a summer job while visiting his soon to be wife and saw an online job posting for a designer. According to Luc, it read something like this: Wanted, cool art dude who can wear flip flops, drink massive amounts of alcohol while sitting behind a computer and creating kick ass t-shirt designs for the Greatest Military and MMA Apparel Company in the world.


Luc was the perfect fit and his first day on the job, coincidently, was also the first and last Whisky Thursday for RU. After his summer gig was up, Luc went back to Savannah to finish out school but just knew that RU was where he belonged and after getting his masters in Architecture he moved to area to begin the constant pestering of Nick for a full time position. In the end Nick finally gave Luc the go ahead to become the in house designer and the rest is history.

Luc explains that Ranger Up has a unique way of finalizing its designs. It all starts with an idea that is usually pitched during a creative meeting. Luc loves the fact that everyone in the shop has an equal voice when it comes to shirt ideas. He has the ability to take that random idea and transform it into a bad-ass design. After Nick approves the designs, it gets posted on Facebook where you, our fans, get your say in it. If you haven’t realized already…we read to what you post, and take your criticisms seriously. It may be tweaked several times until it is just right and then BAM, your wallet becomes lighter…it’s like magic!

T-shirt design isn’t the only thing that Luc is responsible for. The tags on the t-shirts, banners and general artwork for the companies of Ranger Up are also created under his watchful eye. The broad spectrum of work that he is faced with on a daily basis is one of the things that he loves about working with Ranger Up. You never know when Luc is going to slip a little humor into his designs (here is a hint, make sure you read the tags for your shirts…depending on which design it is, you may find a little surprise).

While Luc may have the eye for awesomeness printed on a shirt he still doesn’t have a freaking clue as to what a good Vodka tastes like. Don’t believe me? Check out this little ditty from Nick and Tommy Batboy challenging him to a taste off. Luc has also been known (in case you haven’t seen the pictures) of stripping down, jumping fences and dodging security, just to take a dip in the Atlantic, at Virginia Beach, in November! Let’s all say it together…Under the Influence!

No matter how you present it, Luc’s designs are pretty bad-ass but the humble view of Luc sums it all up. “I’m just a designer, man; with an opportunity to create shirts for some pretty fucking awesome fans”.



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