Meet Jerrid Burke

Updated: December 11, 2011

There is something about Jerrid Burke that we like. It could be his Sherdog profile picture in Ranger Panties. It could be that he once used a calf slicer submission. Or it could be that he once walked out (well, skipped really) to the Gummi Bear song throwing packages of candy to the crowd in a lucha libre mask for a $200 bet. It doesn’t really matter, one of those things makes us know deep down that Jerrid is a badass. We like badasses.

Jerrid spent 6 years in the Navy (insert random Seaman Joke here) as an electronics technician. While circumnavigating the globe he discovered one great truth that many Seamen know – Thailand is awesome. While he claims it was the awesome Muay Thai classes, he stutters nervously when asked about the infamous “Lady Boys” of Thailand. “I would never get caught,” he says. Hmmm, bad experience maybe?

After the lucha libre mask, grand entrances have become Jerrid’s thing and since then he’s worn everything from a Superman costume to a Tuxedo on a tricycle. Jerrid often wonders if his over the top entrances play Psyops with his opponents that he is completely out of control or if they gain a false sense of confidence as to his abilities when the Gummi-bear song is blaring overhead. One thing is for sure…if they should happen to end up on the ground, Burke has a tendency to submit his opponents from the bottom; with all of his professional submissions coming from that position…from the bottom! Unreal.

In reality, Jerrid traditionally likes to keep the fight standing and explains that it is easier for him to pace the fight on his feet and has some wicked kicks that would make a 100 foot oak tree tremble. The ultimate knockout that Jerrid has been working on excessively is the somersault kick to the head for a knockout. Maybe he could do that with the “Barbie Girl” song playing in the background for the ultimate “Fairy Knock Out.”

Did we mention that Jerrid has a girlfriend who just happens to have the nick name of Sexy Sargent and who just happens to be an MMA writer? This guy has it going on…except for his one downfall. Jerrid is an MTV addict. When not training his ass off or studying for his college finals he can routinely be found in front of the TV watching Teen Mom and Jersey Shore (he may have just lost a couple of cool points). While he is consumed by this-show-is-so-bad-that-I-can’t-stop-watching of teen-trash and Jersey Douchery, Jerrid most likely will be munching on pizza and doughnuts. He really doesn’t have that much trouble with his weight (must be nice).

If you should happen to be in the South Florida on 17 December, Jerrid will be fighting on the card for the Championship Fight Alliance 4 at the Bank United Center in Miami. Go check him out; he just may be rocking a 1920’s gentlemen’s moustache complete with twist for the Stache Bash!



One Comment

  1. Rory Singer

    December 12, 2011 at 1:33 am

    Nice article about Jerrid. It could have used a mention of the gym he trains at, The HardCore Gym in Athens, Georgia.

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