Meet Jeremy Myers

Updated: January 15, 2012

Once in a while we hear a story that just seems too far-fetched to be true. Your buddy killed eighteen Taliban with a knife? Riiiiiight. Jeremy Meyers has a couple of those “fish that got away” tales as well. As the story has been passed from generation to generation, Jeremy wound up in a shit talking contest with RU favorite and author of Assholes Finish First, Tucker Maxx which led to a fight challenge. Little did Jeremy know at the time, but Tucker trains on the mat regularly and when they finally fought, Jeremy ended up kicking some ass after first realizing that this wasn’t going to be easy, and Tucker cut him a sponsorship check on the spot. From that point on, Tucker has been sponsoring Jeremy and even invited Jeremy to leave his Buckeye state for the land of the Lone Star, which Jeremy did late last year. Now they are BFF’s and like to take walks in the park on Sunday afternoon after they train together.

Jeremy goes by the moniker of Kamikaze, which he picked up as a young fighter because he fought with no real game plan, but rather a mantra of “going crazy on that ass.” The name stuck and he has been going bat-shit on people since although he acknowledges that once he was able to fight with a more technical and planned approach fights have been much easier to manage. Jeremy is such a fierce competitor that last year he took three fights within the span of a month, to which he states that keeping his weight down for such a prolonged period was a “royal pain in the dick.”

Like all of the Ranger Up fighters, Jeremy has worn a uniform and one that included an arm-brassard (I know, I know…WTF is an arm-brassard…but it just sounds so freaking cool) as a Military Policeman. While he has no stories to tell regarding life in the uniform (I am sensing a whole lot more asshattery than he is willing to let on), he does state that the only thing that he is really afraid of are constricting snakes (insert Alabama Black Snake joke here!)

Jeremy has some pretty strong goals in his fight career. He wants to fight a total of 100 times. By my calculations with him accepting every fight he’s offered, he will have that knocked out by fall 2012. That is, if he stays clean off his addictions, namely Sour Patch Kids candy and Arnold Palmer drinks. Really? Iced tea and Lemonade? C’mon son…RTFU and grab a little Maker’s.

Jeremy has been a Ranger Up fighter for some time, and if he keeps his Fun-and-Gun style of fighting with the same disregard for life as a Kamikaze, we will be hearing from him again in the future.

Please welcome Jeremy Meyers to the RU Fight Family!



One Comment

  1. Morgan

    January 17, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    Good to hear about this young man, and for that record that iced tea and lemonade combo is actually pretty refreshing if it’s hot outside 🙂

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