Meet Jeremiah Riggs

Updated: June 13, 2010

Jeremiah Riggs is the son of an E-9, so it’s no wonder that he felt an obligation to serve his country growing up. His Pop served four years in the Coast Guard followed by 31 years in the National Guard with tours of Iraq in 1990 and 1991, and again in 2003 and 2004. Jeremiah served a tour with 1st Ranger Battalion that included a fun filled vacation to Afghanistan in 204 just as his old man was returning from Iraq. They gave each other a combat high-five in Germany. True story.

Before joining the Army, Jeremiah had a promising football career at Mississippi Delta College. Before you say, “Mississippi Delta? No pro football players come from podunk schools like that,” go look up a guy named Jerry Rice.

Jeremiah was destined to for MMA fame in the International Fight League until they went totally bankrupt, though he had nothing to do with it. After bouncing around between a few gyms, Jeremiah landed in the birthplace of his idol Abraham Lincoln to train with UFC legend Matt Hughes at his Illinois HIT squad facility.

If Jeremiah looks familiar it’s either because of his cameo appearance on the Jonas Brothers world tour as the piccolo player or because you saw him on VH-1’s show, Rock of Love. Jeremiah was given the name “Big Rig” by Daisy De La Hoya because she noticed he wore a size 14 shoe and figured bug feet…big personality. Or it oculd be because he once drove trucks back home in Mississippi. We’re not sure. On the show Riggs quickly made a name for himself with his southern charm and wild country boy antics. In an MMA fight arranged by the show’s producers Riggs defeated VH1 reality star “12 Pack” by gogoplata and massive cranial hemoraging. Just to pass the time, Jeremiah caught a skunk in the house and performed a song for Daisy wearing only a bass guitar. Dude has cajones.

Fun fact – In the summer of 2009 Riggs was selected for I Love Money 3 on VH1. Jeremiah was kicking ass on the show until a brown recluse spider gnawed on him and he had to withdraw from the competition. Not that the show would have been aired anyway since the winner of the show killed his wife and committed suicide. Sometimes losing can be a good thing.

Ranger Up is proud to sponsor former Ranger Batboy Jeremiah Riggs and his down home, skunk catchin’, noodle fishin’, ass kickin’, skoal can in the back pocket self.



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  1. SSM Tim

    June 14, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    Welcome to Team Rhino, Big Rig!

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