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Updated: December 4, 2011

Plotting new ways to rule the world or just daydreaming? We can never tell.

“I’m not anti-social, but I’m not very social either,” Kelly Crigger tells me when we meet. I take note and resolve to keep our conversations short and to the point. After all, he’s a busy guy…much busier than I anticipated actually. As part of our ongoing series of RU employee profiles, meet our resident curmudgeon.

A retired Lieutenant Colonel, Crigger spent twenty-four years in uniform dreaming of the day when he could lie on a beach sipping a cold drink. A day which has still not arrived. Instead he now spends 12 hours a day sitting behind a computer doing what he does best, writing and marketing. As a matter of fact, Crigger writes so well that his fourth published book, penned with Zak Bagans, the host of the Travel Channel’s hit show Ghost Adventures debuted at number 18 on the New York Times Bestseller List in October.

Crigger first dabbled in writing when his wife complained that there were no good reads in the American bookstore while he was stationed in Korea. Being a good husband, Crigger sat down and wrote his first book, a self-proclaimed “piece of crap novel”, that was meant as a birthday present for his wife, but currently sits unpublished in his office. This sole event solidified his desire to write and he wrote tons of short stories and screenplays immediately after.

A love for MMA led Crigger to two life-changing endeavors. First he mentored and invested in a fledgling MMA company called Ranger Up that focused on the military community. Next, he started writing independently for different sports magazines. One magazine in particular wanted its writers to focus on celebrities who followed MMA. Crigger was watching one of the first episodes of Ghost Adventures and noticed Bagans wearing an MMA t-shirt. Crigger did a story on him for FIGHT! magazine and the two became good friends, which led to Crigger making an appearance on the show that, “scared the living beejesus out of me.” A couple years later, a casual conversation between the two was all it took for Crigger to start working on the book.

Writing Dark World wasn’t enough to keep Crigger fully occupied when he retired from the Army so he took on a full time endeavor as the Vice-President of Communications for Alchemist Management, a fighter management company owned by music icon MC Hammer. Crigger leveraged his contacts in the MMA business to promote guys like Brendan Schaub, Nate Marquardt, and Vladimir Matyushenko and created a media message that promoted not only the fighters, but created hype for the overall events. This resulted in direct accolades from fight promoters like the UFC.

In a twist Crigger admits he never would have expected for himself, Ranger Up, now a multi-million dollar endeavor, offered him the position of President of American Sin Bin, the first and only American rugby apparel company. The company, which launched on October 1st, aims to bring rugby to the forefront of American sports, and deliver a World Cup or Olympic championship to the U.S. Crigger is once again utilizing his experiences in mass-communication and marketing by promoting his products through social media, not only in the U.S., but world-wide. The company is already creating a huge buzz in the rugby world in only its first month of business.

Crigger credits his military discipline as being one of the driving forces to his success in the civilian world. “The Army is a very regimented way of life that doesn’t waste a minute,” he says. “I’m that way now with writing and business. I never waste a minute and make sure everything I do has an endstate and an achievable goal.” Sounds like a fancy way of saying ‘make every minute count.’

Crigger plans on continuing his writing with goals of publishing one book a year. When questioned as to what his next writing project will be though, he pauses. “Not sure. Either another celebrity memoir or that crappy novel will get dusted off and re-written…again.”

As for American Sin Bin, he feels like he’s finally found the job he’s been looking for. “I’m working with amazing veterans and patriots toward an incredibly challenging goal that will benefit a lot of great athletes and fans, so life is definitely good.”

Now that I’ve made Kelly Crigger sound so manly, you may wonder why we call him The Curmudgeon. Like he said…he’s not anti-social, just guarded and set in his ways, which is a nice way to say ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.’ Read this to learn more.



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