Meet Craig Gresham

Updated: July 3, 2011

We don’t get a lot of requests for sponsorship from Australia (okay, there’s only been one), but Craig Gresham is really an American transplanted to the land of Crocodile Dundee and shark attacks by circumstance and inside every Australian is an American waiting to get out.

Craig was born on Pearl Harbor day (good omen) in 1981 in Groveland, Tennessee. His father was a missionary so Craig and his huge family left the states at age four and moved to New Zealand to do God’s work in sheep country.

At 16 Craig wanted to be Ralph Macchio, but his mother decided karate was too violent (damn you Mister Miyagi!) The two compromised and Craig was allowed to take Judo instead (we’re guessing momma never saw the sheer brutal violence of Judoka Hector Lombard). Craig eventually left New Zealand for Australia and made the national Judo squad there.

At 18 Craig was bored and did what many Rhino Den readers did-joined the Army. Then he sobered up and shouted “Holy shit where am I?” Craig was posted to Brisbane as an Infantryman with a Commando unit (yeah…we have no idea what that means) where he has spent most of his career, which includes 4 combat deployments.

Why we like Craig:

He has a tattoo of “Non Timebo Mala” on his arm because of us. That’s just damn cool!

He got into MMA because some Judo buddies were going on a fight-based reality TV show (32-man tournament style) and suggested he try out. Craig didn’t win the tourney but did well (sent one guy to the hospital) despite having no coach with him.

Craig has, in fact, wrestled crocodiles. He uses the bladder of a giant maneater as a protective pouch for his iPod.

Craig has never played cricket and feels that anyone who watches this mundane game is probably homeless or unemployed. Who else has the time to watch a sporting event for FOUR DAYS?!

He does not drink Fosters beer and thinks anyone who believes it is representative of Australian lagers also believes that killing a leprechaun will grant you three wishes. We all know that you only get one. Killing a genie on the other hand…

Ranger Up is proud to sponsor our first and only Australian fighter Craig Gresham. Oy mate!



One Comment

  1. Wesley Clemens

    August 27, 2011 at 1:14 am

    And here I was thinking I was original in getting “Non Timebo Mala” on my arm because of you guys… Well its actually “Non Tembo Mala” but thats a secret only me a Remy know >:]

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