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Updated: August 31, 2010

Cage Camera is the brainchild of Melanie LeGoullon, a Virginia-based freelance photographer who specializes in combat sports photography. We like her because she’s always rocking our stuff at fights, so it was a no-brainer to make her the official sponsored athlete…er, photographer of Ranger Up. She covers both pro and amateur MMA and boxing events in DC/MD/VA and her fight photography has been featured in the Fairfax Connection Newspaper, BloodyElbow.com, USCombatSports.com, and ThroughTheCage.com. When she is not shooting fights, she is freelancing for the Connection Newspapers and noodling for giant catfish. Don’t let her size fool you. We once saw her bring up an eighty pounder from the bottom of a pond. True story.

She first got into cagefight photography when she found out a gym mate of hers, Johnny Curtis, had an upcoming fight in UWC 4. “I asked a local newspaper if they’d like an interview with him and an article with photos,” she says. “I had been photographing workouts at my gym for a while so I sent them a few sample shots and they gave me the press creds. I had such a blast the night of the event, I knew I wanted to do it again.”

Melanie admits that it wasn’t easy being the new girl on the block, especially with so many esteemed MMA photogs like Keith Mills, Tracy Lee, Dave Mandel, and Paul Thatcher running around. “I remember early on at one of the bigger shows I was trying to be friendly and asked another photographer who he was and who he shot for. I guess he was annoyed I didn’t recognize him because he never said a word to me, he just took out a business card and literally flicked it at me! No kidding, it bounced off my chest and landed on the cage apron. I was stunned. Who does that?”

A douchebag, that’s who.

Since then she has become a regular at the big shows. She shot Ultimate Fight Night 20 when the UFC came to Fairfax, VA and if you look closely at the reruns you can see Ranger Up’s own Kelly Crigger shooting for FIGHT! magazine next to her. Mel also tries to make it to as many smaller events as she can. “I love being cageside. You hear every grunt, every impact, the cornermen screaming, the crowd chanting… it’s surreal. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting a sold out Patriot Center, or some warehouse in Fredericksburg, VA- every fight is epic in its own way. That’s what I try to capture.”

And that’s why we like her.

Prior to running Cage Camera, Melanie worked as a government contractor specializing in human factors for aviation and military applications. “I have a great deal of respect for the men and women of the military, which is why I’m so humbled that Ranger Up has decided to sponsor me. Thanks for the love!”

You can check out Melanie’s website at www.cagecamera.com and follow her at Twitter.com/CageCamera.



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