Meet Alex Soto

Updated: January 25, 2010

Most people go to Tijuana to engage in blackout drunken debauchery and end up with donkey stories and tongue burns. Alex Soto was born and raised there and couldn’t wait to leave. The Soto family immigrated (legally) to the US at their first chance so their kids could have an opportunity to get ahead in life. That lesson wasn’t lost on young Alex, so what did he do when he became a man? Join the Army so he could give back to his adopted country in its time of need after 9-11. That’s one big reason why we like him. The other is his unofficial MMA record. As a little kid in Tijuana, Alex once got into fights with ten different kids one after the other so they wouldn’t beat up his cousin, Carlos. He went 10-0 despite having no training in any combat arts. That’s the way to Ranger Up and deliver a bully beatdown!

A former Infantryman, Alex spent 4 years in the 25th Infantry Division’s Long Range Surveillance Detachment, one of them in Afghanistan. While deployed, Alex got bored and read “The Tunnel Rats of Cu Chi” one night. The next day he volunteered to be the first one into an insurgent tunnel…until it suddenly collapsed and he ran like Usain Bolt for his life. Another night in Afghanistan, Alex was sleeping when a motor round hit his base. Alex jumped out of bed, grabbed a sniper rifle and ran outside in his tightie whities to shoot down the round. Apparently he thought he was a Patriot missile. That’s what she said.

Alex aspired to be a diver, but since there was no real training in that field in Hawaii, he returned to his hometown of San Diego and got a job training dolphins for the US Navy. They now find stuff in the water like people, mines, and Carmen Electra’s panties after she visits ships and “motivates the sailors.”

Alex has a Doctor Doolittle history of talking to animals. Besides the dolphins he trains, he has a cocker spaniel who told him to be an MMA fighter during a walk one day. So did the Son of Sam.

Alex’s translation isn’t always accurate. He once sent an email and spent the next year explaining that he meant to say, “I’m bilingual.”

Ranger Up is proud to sponsor Alex Soto when he fights this weekend at Acorn Casino in California and again on Feb 13th when he fights in Tijuana, Mexico. Ranger Up!



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