Kris McCray TUF Blog 22 April

Updated: April 22, 2010

By now anyone watching The Ultimate Fighter is starting to hate Jamie Jaeger, but I gotta tell you, he’s not that bad of a guy. Sure he’s loud and kind of arrogant, but he gets a bad rap because there wasn’t anyone else in the house to play the heel, so he got tagged. He’s actually a good sparring partner and works hard, but his mouth gets him singled out a lot. Take The Minority Report thing, for example. Everyone had their cliques in the house. It just so happened that Noke, Tavares, Jaeger, and myself were tight and we were all minorities (Noke’s a white guy, but he’s Australian and the last time I looked around, Aussies weren’t running America). Anyway, Tavares really ran with “The Minority Report” as a name, but Jaeger was the one who really took the heat for it from the rest of the house. Why? Because he’s Jaeger and he’s easy to dislike.

The sweatshirt incident only made things worse for him. Uscola found his sweatshirt in Jaeger’s room (which I shared with him). I don’t know if you caught it, but I told Uscola I took his sweatshirt up to the room and even after that, he still went after Jaeger. It was like he’d opened his mouth and didn’t want to go back on it, so he kept taking it further. Remember this is the same guy who went ballistic over the air horns in episode 2, so he’s a powder keg with a nitro can on top and the sweatshirt thing just made him blow. The posturing between those two really divided Team Punishment, but Tito made sure it didn’t happen during practice. There was some crazy name calling outside of practice, but once we hit the mats, the jaw jacking ended.

Now for the fights. Did Uscola’s knee hit Ritchie in the head? In person and from my angle in the stands it looked like he got hit, but when I saw it on tape, I thought it was like a Jamie Varner knee and Ritchie took a dive. Once again Uscola lost his temper and started yelling at Ritchie to get up and fight. I don’t blame him though because it could have been a good fight. Up to that point it could have gone either way. Uscola got dropped but he weathered the storm unlike Charlie who got dropped and turtled up. I knew Jaeger would win that fight, but I was impressed how he didn’t let Charlie take him down. He’s like a cat. When Charlie failed to get him off his feet, he lost the fight right there.

Did anyone catch what Chuck Liddell called Jaeger by the way? Crab Man. It’s from My Name is Earl in case you didn’t know. That was only one name for him. He got called Sideshow Bob, Buckwheat. You name it. Anything with a fro, he got it.

Don’t forget to watch next week. It’ll be my turn to fight soon enough.




  1. Alex

    April 22, 2010 at 7:13 pm

    Can’t wait to see you fight. I don’t hate Jamie Jaeger, he reminds me of a friend of mine. Enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. Big Jake

    April 27, 2010 at 6:23 am

    You need to get your fight on, Kris. When are you getting picked?

  3. Chantelle Elawar

    October 7, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    The heater at the front desk is so much better than the one i have up here

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