Guardian Angels, Part 2 by Grin & Barrett

Updated: September 28, 2009


Guardian Angels – Part Two

by Grin & Barrett

Be the Father for my children while I am gone, and Husband to my wife until I come back
Fill my family with Peace, Joy, Comfort, Hope, Faith and Happiness
Give my family the strength to choose the hard right over the easy wrong
And give my children the courage to stand up for the weak and the oppressed
Put your mantle of protection around my family, and protect them from all spiritual and physical evils

– Amen


Her mom slowly raised her head, eyes wide, and glanced from the man to the young woman. At that moment, she realized it was true, and she was overcome with the sudden realization that they were all in very real danger.

In a ruse, my wife turned in her seat and waved to an elderly couple sitting in the train car behind them. The man jerked his head around, clearly surprised that my wife knew someone on the train. She stood up and went to another car in the train, pulled out her phone and tried like hell to get the number for the Military Police at Camp Darby.

The man followed her. He stayed back and pretended to be looking out the windows as he tried to see what my wife was doing, but she knew he was watching her. She attempted, several more times, to get the number from information, but to no avail. Frustrated, she hung up the phone and walked back toward the cabin with the kids and her mom. Without a word, she gathered the kids up, directed her mom toward another train car in the back, and left the man and the woman behind. As she left, the man, back in his seat now, glared at the young woman, his eyes imploring her to do something.

“Are you guys moving seats?”

My wife nodded her head, and quickly moved out,

“Yes, we’re going to another car, nice to meet you. Have a good trip.”

As they gathered in the next train car, my wife explained the situation to the family.

“Listen, we’re getting off at the next stop. I know it’s not our stop, but we’re being followed by that woman and man, and we need to get off now.”

My kids were scared, but they trusted their mom, and they trusted in God to protect them. My youngest son, ten years old, spoke next.

“I wish Dad was here.”

I wish Dad was here. That’s the phrase that I still think about, home from deployment for almost a year now, and I still can’t get it out of my head. It’s one thing to miss birthdays, Christmas’, special events, school plays, and soccer games, but it’s another to be gone when your kids NEED you. Those moments when they are truly afraid, in need of their father to stand strong against the storm, to be the one to protect them when they are in danger.

I wish Dad was here. But I wasn’t.

At the next stop, my wife waited until the last possible moment, and ushered the kids off the train. My quick thinking mother-in-law quickly shuffled the family behind some stone pillars at the train stop and kept everyone out of view. Within seconds of ducking out of view, and as the train pulled away, the man leaned out from the exact same exit my family had just escaped the train. He hurriedly scanned the crowd that had just exited. As my wife peeked around the corner of the abutment, she saw him go back into the train car and pace down the length of the train. He was clearly looking for them and seethed with anger and frustration. As the train gained momentum, my wife stepped out into view. The man was now standing between rail cars further down the train, speaking into his cell phone, and yelling at someone on the other end of the line. He continued to scan the train station as he spoke and lowered the phone as he made eye contact with my wife, his eyes boring holes into hers and the sneer on his mouth lingering in her mind as he rode out of sight.

The next morning, I spoke to my wife by phone.

After forcing a cab driver to be her personal rear security on the way out of the parking garage in Lucca (story for another time), she swung by Camp Darby to pick up their bags, and drove the entire trip back to Germany straight through, only stopping for gas and bathroom breaks. At four a.m. she led my weary troops back into the house, where they collapsed into their beds. My phone call woke her up. I couldn’t wait to hear about her trip to Italy, but before she told me, I had to tell her about this great movie we had watched the night before, one we had gotten an early bootleg copy of.

“Honey, I just saw the coolest movie last night. It’s called Taken.”

Then she told me her story.

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  1. Elias D

    September 29, 2009 at 8:31 am

    Well told story; thank you for sharing something so personal. Scared the shit outta me, actually. But I am going to print it off and start referencing it when we do those briefings on threats that no one really thinks that they should pay attention to, and as well possibly share it as an example of a strong military wife taking care of her family in an emergency. Well played all around.

  2. Pat

    September 29, 2009 at 11:03 am

    Dude, your wife is on point. Good on her for being observant enough to see what was happening, and having her sh*t together enough to respond appropriately. That is my biggest fear when I go downrange, not being there when I am truly needed. Luckily my wife is learning more about being aware of her surroundings.

  3. Gresh

    March 26, 2010 at 10:18 am

    Thanks for sharing, I’m sitting in the desert waiting to get on a plane to go home as my wife and unborn child need we, i was originaly told that i’d be able to go home, deal with the situation and return to my guys and finish my job here, i was told an hour ago that a replacement is coming and my trip is over (6 months early), your story helped me get my head strait and i can now see that i’m going where i’m needed more….


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