Go Ye Forth, and Sin Some More

Updated: May 7, 2013


By Grin and Barrett

You know the routine –

Wake up early, get to work.

Your day is a mixture of PT, busting your ass, and dealing with issues that pop up all day long.

Your days are extended into the night, where there is more PT, organized sports, and still dealing with issues.

Rinse, repeat, rinse. This isn’t your typical 9 to 5 gig; you do this 24/7. It’s not a job to you, it is who you are.

But you aren’t Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force.

You are a professional.

You are an entrepreneur.

You are a Rugger.

You are American Sin Bin.

Las Vegas 2013 Scotland (2)American Sin Bin began as an idea from the bright minds at Ranger Up. With the mission of elevating the game of Rugby in America and delivering a World Cup Championship to the United States, it seems pretty clear that….WAIT A MINUTE!!!! (Cue screeching tires and blaring horn.)

Okay, let me try that one again…

With the mission of elevating the game of Rugby in American and delivering a World Cup Championship to the United States?!?

Okay, now, let’s hold our respective horses. There are lists of things that we, as individuals, strive for. Attainable goals like losing weight, gaining a degree, starting for the Varsity squad. For firms it may be an increase in profit share or inroads into a particular market. But the United States winning a World Cup in Rugby? Get outa’ heah!

Which of the following things does not quite fit with the others?

New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, England, United States.

If you answered the United States, you get the grand prize – A three night stay at the NoDuh Spa. All four other countries have displayed a definitive prowess in the game; all are renowned for their accomplishments on the pitch. The U.S.? Eh…not so much. So to make the claim that the U.S. will capture a World Cup in Rugby takes some significant brass balls. But if there is one thing the Ranger Up turned American Sin Bin crew has in abundance, it’s brass balls.

This past February, Las Vegas hosted the Las Vegas Rugby Sevens 2013, and the American Sin Bin crew was there to meet, mingle, and support the teams in attendance. Ruggers from all over the world were there, each striving to bring out his/her best, to party like Rock Stars, and to support each other. Fortunately for them, American Sin Bin had the party part covered. Saturday night at the tourney belonged to the ASB crew, who put on a blowout with over 2000 Rugger guests. Included in this group were 200 VIPs who drank and partied free all night long, thanks to T Rex and her ASB compatriots. But for T Rex, and all the folks at American Sin Bin, this wasn’t just an opportunity to party, or to get the ASB name out there. This was an opportunity to give back, to support the Rugger community and lifestyle. And really, this is the crux of who American Sin Bin really is.

Vegas 7 (2)American Sin Bin is committed to elevating the game of rugby in the United States, and ultimately, winning the World Cup. They are accomplishing this through investing in youth programs, grass roots adult programs, sponsorship initiatives and event support. I asked T Rex why. What is it about Rugby that makes her so passionate in her support?

It isn’t just a sport, she replied, this is a way of life.

It’s the camaraderie, the amazing people who will be in your life forever.

Even at events, this seems to be T’s favorite part. For her, the most rewarding part of the matches ASB attends is talking to fellow Ruggers face to face, and being able to dialogue on an even pitch, speaking the language that they do.

American Sin Bin’s plan is built on two principles: Pushing younger players into the sport, and sustaining the current crop of Ruggers.

It is this investment into the education of the next generation, the encouragement of current players, and the active efforts to support that close knit Rugger community, which vaults ASB to the top of the support network. And, it is this dedication and commitment that has led to the do-or-die mantra of pulling off the difficult, though not impossible, task of bringing that World Cup Championship to the United States.

I think they’ll do it.




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