FBI Director James Comey Pulled a Serious Judo Move on Hillary Clinton

Updated: August 9, 2016


By Kelly Crigger

Hillary Clinton probably realizes by now that FBI Director James Comey pulled a fast one on her. His decision not to indict Clinton for a long list of security violations and instead go public with them will no doubt end up hurting her more than it helped her. She may have dodged shackles and the Justice Department’s stockade, but now she will never be able to dodge the public outcry for her crimes and the bitter sting of history. The one thing that means more to Hillary Clinton than anything is forever damaged…her legacy.

When Director Comey outlined all the violations Clinton had committed (calling her handling of classified information “extremely careless”) but then failed to recommend an indictment citing lack of intent (negligence doesn’t require intent), a collective cry of “What the fuck?” echoed across the DoD and from every nook and cranny of every office that handles classified material. We were all left scratching our heads and trying to figure out what happened.

Keep in mind the FBI has no authority to make decisions whether or not to prosecute crimes. The FBI only investigates and lets the Justice Department decide what cases will be prosecuted. So it’s possible Comey was told by Justice they wanted nothing to do with prosecuting the Democratic National Committee’s lead candidate for President. And in doing so it’s possible he was complicit in corruption.

On the surface it looks dirty. The obvious trail is simple – the DNC holds a private meeting at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport with the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch and tells her to leave Hillary alone so she can run for President without the distraction of a criminal indictment. In turn the Justice Department tells the mighty FBI not to recommend any charges be brought against her no matter how much evidence there is. It looks like a travesty of justice, and probably is when a Presidential candidate skates away while so many people of lesser stature have been whipped under the lash of justice for lesser crimes.

However it happened, it fell to the FBI to spin the story publicly. Outgunned by more powerful forces, Comey called in reinforcements and turned to the alpha predator in the food chain of Democracy…the people. Comey called a press conference and came clean. He laid out what she did and disclosed every shred of the FBIs case and threw it at the feet of the American people.

In my opinion, he knew what he was doing and he knew that going public would create a shitstorm. If he had just sent everything to the Attorney General, it might have all gotten buried or, at least, not disclosed until long after the election. At the Justice Department, it’s possible the case would have died a slow death, but now nothing (or very little) will be kept from the public. The people will know everything she did in detail. Private servers, destroyed emails, multiple devices, and more importantly, the hundreds of lies Clinton has now been caught in will be known. And all because Comey, who was likely directed to take the fall, took everyone with him. He simply outsmarted them by not recommending charges and going public.  A Grand Jury might have taken years or longer to dig up any dirt and its proceedings would have been secret. Now, nothing will be.

votemattis-2.gifHe also knew that it would cause Congress to call for an investigation so he and his colleagues (several have had to answer questions now) would be obligated to truthfully present everything they found about Clinton’s security violations. Without a pending prosecution or rules of evidence to hold him back, Comey was able to be open about anything and everything. Can you say “book deal?”

Now the American people can go back and review all the video interviews Hillary gave where she denied any wrongdoing and outlined her farcical practices of handling classified information and catch her in outright lies. Not that it matters though. She’s still the Democratic Presidential candidate and the likelihood of this scandal affecting voter turnout is probably low.

Other theories persist – that Comey has covered for the Clinton’s before (Whitewater, Marc Rich) and he’s simply doing it again or that he didn’t want the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election to fall upon the shoulders of the FBI. Any way you look at it, if this does end up affecting Clinton’s bid for President, Comey’s move could turn out to be one of the greatest in American history. He took his opponent’s attack and used it to his advantage, sidestepping the blow and using their momentum to catch them off balance. Judo 101.



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