Douche of the Week – Duke University

Updated: October 5, 2016


By RU Rob

What in the fuck?

That was the first thing that popped into my brain housing unit upon reading the headline, “Duke University launches ‘safe space’ for men to consider their ‘toxic masculinities’.” I opened the article and immediately felt a sense of dismay as once again I get to see the Pussification of America take another step forward.

I already know this article is going to ruffle some feathers in the Ranger Up hierarchy as our Supreme Leader Nick is a Duke graduate and has written about some of his shenanigans.  Hell, Ranger Up itself was created by Nick’s interactions with the Duke ROTC program.  But, I shall maintain my short-sighted, over opinionated, somewhat discombobulated view of this testicle-removing push in Durham.

First of all, why is it these days that being a man “creates a harmful environment on campus and beyond?” I can see that my failure to empty the sink of dirty dishes, leaving my underwear on the floor and having a multitude of hellacious smelling shoes lying around could create a somewhat harmful environment in my home but hardly on a campus and certainly not beyond (I totally just thought that in my Buzz Lightyear voice).  Let’s face it, if my masculinity (however little I do have) causes you to run and hide out of fear, I may not actually be the problem.

tkspade-1One of the project’s leadership team, Dipro Bhowmik, stated that the goal of this is for men to “critique and analyze their own masculinity and toxic masculinities to then create healthier ones.”  I have never in my 43 years of life felt the need to analyze my masculinity; I am a man….man!

Bhowmik then continued on about the curriculum explaining that it is “questioning how you can be accountable to feminism to the women in your life and to the larger community.” Sorry there bud, but the only one I am accountable for is me. I can respect the women in my life and the world without sacrificing my manliness in the process.

In my eyes there is only one appropriate response to this class. I would suggest that Duke creates a counter-class that offers all things manly. If I were to write a brief class description it would look like this:

Duke University — Being a Man 101

In this highly sought after course you will learn to brew beer, shoot strait with a plethora of weapons, survive off the land, fight, make love to your woman, raise children in a manner where they are rewarded for success and allowed to fail, tie a necktie, tell the difference between whisky and bourbon, drive a truck, build a house, wear a baseball cap, and match your belt to your shoes; all of which can and will be accomplished without being a dick.

Let’s face it; the world around us is falling apart. Who will be the providers, protectors, and workers? I don’t know about the rest of you, but in my eyes it will be me.

The world is a fickle place, the success of a society is not based on the ability to cower into submission but rather to stand up and fight. I can see no good in this furtherance of emasculation of the American man. I guess me and my sheepdog friends will just have to keep doing what we always have, protect the sheeple.

As for you Duke, your infectious need to be the overly-sensitive girlfriend just earned yourself the Douche of the Week award.  I would say congratulations, but you might become scared and run for your safe place.

As for me, time to go pull out my massive pair of truck-nuts and hang them on the back of my 4×4.



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