Douche of the Week: Drawing Mohammad

Updated: May 29, 2015


By SGT Awesome

A local veteran has decided that the previous draw Mohammad event in Texas wasn’t quite controversial enough and has decided to hold another one right here in Phoenix. There are a couple significant differences, however: he plans to do it outside a mosque while it is holding prayer service and he plans to do it with a bunch of his armed biker friends (again, presumably because anything Texas can screw up he wants to screw up worse).

I am all for free speech—especially that which offends—because that’s a defining test to see if you truly do have freedom. However when you come to my house uninvited and you come as an armed mob, you aren’t looking for honest discourse or rational debate. You’re looking for a violent encounter.

There is almost zero chance of any violence that could occur not escalating in a dangerous and exponential manner.

What you’re doing is you’re taking a hurricane to the butterfly and just waiting for it to flap its wings so you can lay the blame upon it.

That’s bullshit my friends.

No, not chaos theory. Chaos theory is actually awesome. What is bullshit is the act of setting up the Jenga tower to fall via any possible touch and then challenging someone to play as though you’re the superior Jenga expert.

This is especially heinous because you’re in the right! You can draw Mohammad eating Vishnu’s 12 cocks all day long if you want and I will support your right to do so with my dying breath. (note: Vishnu may or may not have 12 cocks, it wasn’t something I was going to put into Google to find out)

The problem is all about intent. dumbass

If you publish a cartoon or picture in a newspaper or on television of Mohammed you are fighting for speech and its sacred need to be uncensored. You are declaring to the world that speech itself is worthy of protection more so than any individual or group’s feelings on it.

When you go to a mosque during a prayer service with your armed mob you aren’t defending speech. You aren’t defending anything. You’re going on the offensive. You are instigating and you absolutely are the aggressor of any violence, if only morally.

You wish to make a statement about freedom of speech or about Islam? Go alone, go unarmed, and here’s the tough part: try opening a dialogue with those who you don’t understand rather than starting out by shitting on their doorstep and insisting you’re just there to talk.

When you seek out violence you are making yourself look like a fool and because you’re a veteran, the rest of us get painted in that same light.

I support your right to be a douche every day of the week (in fact I’ve dedicated this whole week just to you). I support your right to use provocative and inciting language. I even support your right to do what you intend to do.

But I will use my words with no threat of violence behind them to urge my fellow veterans to not follow in his footsteps. Do not run around like a vigilante posse looking for a fight. Do not attempt to create larger rifts in our society when the goal is to mend them.

Do not forget what made this country so great.

This country is great because its people are free, even the assholes.

This country is great because it allows all a voice, not just some.

This country is great because it is inclusive, not divisive.

Though I guess what else should I expect from the lowest common denominator but to continue to divide.




  1. Jennifer

    May 29, 2015 at 12:41 pm

    I couldn’t agree more. This act is not about free speech at all, it is about hatred and bigotry. He might as well don a white hood and burn a cross in someone’s front yard because the point he is trying to make is the same. In my opinion he is only taking advantage of a previous event to create an excuse for him and his like-minded friends to spew their hatred toward a religion they don’t care to understand. If violence ensues it will only validate his point of view to him and to others who feel the same way.

    • John

      June 3, 2015 at 1:47 am

      I hope you like slavery Jennifer. Your mindset makes you perfect for it.

  2. bob

    May 29, 2015 at 5:45 pm

    My fav part is regardless of when or where any American exercises free speech or FREEDOM in ANY way around those folks, what happens EVERY DARN TIME???
    They rape, or cut the heads off of people on AMERICAN SOIL….again, and again.

    NOW tell us we as Americans cannot INTEND for their little butterfly feelings to get hurt?

    They LIVE here, they suck off the gov. tit, therefore they NEED to get their asses in line with the freedom-program or shit will only get worse, due to NO fault of an honest American.

  3. Logan

    May 29, 2015 at 7:11 pm

    Pamela gellers contest is good and necessary. I can’t draw something or I’ll die? I need to draw it. However, taking it to a mosque is too far I think. But never do anything like this unarmed.

  4. John

    May 30, 2015 at 5:51 am

    I couldn’t disagree more. Islam is assaulting all of us all over the world. How many people have to be beheaded before you wake up and realize we have a serious problem on our hands? And don’t give me any of that shit about “It’s just a minority of Muslims that are crazy and violent.” Bullshit!!!

    A radical Muslim wants to kill you.
    A moderate Muslim wants a radical Muslim to kill you.

    There are many studies that show even in “moderate” Muslim countries a majority of the people there favor things like sharia law. Sharia law is completely incompatible with quaint old things like the US Constitution.

  5. Phelps

    May 30, 2015 at 12:52 pm

    This mosque sent two men to my hometown to kill me and mine. This is about as offensive as midway was after Pearl Harbor.

    There is no “but” after “I support free speech”. Don’t play by the fascists rules — the snakes hiding inside Islam are depending on your support with your “but”s.

  6. Sp4x2

    May 31, 2015 at 11:36 pm

    This country is great because other people came here to assimilate, become American. Until the Americans who happen to be Muslim start marching along with the rest of US, than a little in your face time is OK by me. “try opening a dialogue with those who you don’t understand” nope I don’t understand those who will behead you for many things American (mostly for being Christian). Is that what you did “in country” go meet with ISIS or whomever to talk to them? Pull your head out of your four point of contact.

  7. Jens Randolff

    June 2, 2015 at 12:08 am

    I respectfully disagree with the author of this post. What this Marine and his biker pals did was great and needs to happen all over this country and around the civilized world. Muslims are a scourge on the earth and should not be allowed to enter the United States, unless they swear allegiance to our flag and the country for which it stands.

    Of course, no devout muslim can honestly do that, as it stands in direct violation to their faith. Islam teaches world domination, the extermination of every last Jew, and the conversion, subjugation or slaughter of all unbelievers. To take unbelievers as friends is explicitly forbidden by the Qur’an and all other “sacred” islamic texts.

    The two “extremists” that tried to shoot up the cartoon contest in Texas worshipped and studied at that Phoenix mosque. They learned their hatred from their Iman and the Qur’an, ahadith, Sunnah and Sira. These guys were not extremists, but devout muslims who actually followed the teachings and commands of their prophet.

    Since the attacks on 9-11 there have been more than 25028 terror attacks across the globe by followers of the “religion of peace”.


    Yet, muslim apologists and those suffering from political correctness or plain ignorance point out that only a tiny minority of muslims are extremists. So let me try to put this in perspective. There are approximately 1.6 Billion muslims in the world and the number is steadily increasing. Let’s assume for a moment that only 1% of muslims are “extremists”, that would still add up to about 16 million extremists.

    Unfortunately, the percentage is much higher. Muslim-sponsored polls put the number at “just” 7%, that is a staggering 112 million people. Those critical of Islam put the numbers between 15% to 25%, which adds up to about 240 million to 400 million people dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization.

    Mind you, these numbers do not include muslims, who support terrorism or who are at least sympathetic to extremists. A recent poll of US Muslim sympathizers put the number as high as 70%.


    This is simply meant to explain the different facets of Islamic ideology as a whole to those who have not studied the doctrines of Islam as recorded in its sacred texts. Although, this is an opinion piece, it is based entirely upon Islamic primary source documents such as the Qur’an, Hadith Sahih Muslim, Hadith Sahih Al Bukhari, A Classical Manual of Fiqh for the Shafi’i school of Islamic jurisprudence – “Reliance of the Traveler” (‘Umdat as-Salik wa ‘Uddat an-Nasik) and Sirah Rasul Allah.
    Most self-professing Muslims are indeed peace loving and kind people, and I am sure that the majority of them honestly trust what they are saying. However, those who sincerely believe that Islam is a religion of peace, only embrace one aspect of the ideology. They limit their adherence to the early teachings of the Qur’an, promulgated by Muhammad while still in Mecca, when he was in desperate search for converts. Most Muslims purposely “ignore” the later religious, and more importantly, the political and socio-economic aspects of Islamic ideology that became the primary focus of Islam as it spread from Medina.
    It is also important to note that many of the 1.6 billion Muslims around the world are illiterate and therefore have not even read the Qur’an. Instead, they rely heavily on the teachings and sermons of their local Imams. In addition, in some parts of the Muslim world tribal customs and laws take precedence over Islamic ideology. Such was the case with the tribesmen who rescued and protected Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell from the Taliban.
    Islam is not a peaceful religion, but an ideology that governs all aspects of political, military, socio-economic and religious life and it employs violence, military conquest, slavery and oppression to achieve its stated goal of world domination. Muhammad’s words, but more importantly his actions and practices, are the standard by which every Muslim is expected to live. Muhammad is considered Allah’s final prophet and the Qur’an the eternal, unalterable words of Allah himself. Therefore, the entire Muslim concept of morality and justice rests upon the interpretation of the Qur’an and guidance outlined in the Sunnah (way), the Hadith (sayings) and the Sira (life) of the Prophet.
    The Qur’an contains over 100 verses that call believers to war with “infidels”. Some verses explicitly call for the chopping off of heads and fingers and for the killing of unbelievers wherever they are found. Believers who do not join the fight are considered ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.
    Verses of violence in the Qur’an are mostly open-ended, and, unlike nearly all of those of the Old Testament, are not confined by the historical context of the surrounding text. Instead, they are as relevant or subjective as anything else in the Qur’an and part of the eternal, unchanging word of Allah.
    Since the context of violent passages in Islamic texts is highly ambiguous, it allows Islamic apologists to make an argument for, as well as against violence, depending on the personal sensitivities of a given audience. “Moderate” Muslims simply interpret their holy books’ call to violence in the light of their own moral preconceptions, rather than historical precedence. However, such practice generally does not stand up to scrutiny when viewed in light of historical facts.
    The Qur’an contains few verses that promote tolerance and peace to balance out the many that call for violence against and death or subjugation of unbelievers. They are largely attributed to the “prophet’s” Meccan teachings, when Muhammad was still seeking acceptance and his followers were few in numbers. Most of these teachings were abrogated by the Medinan teachings that followed.
    Muhammad’s legacy of rape, pillaging, burning and slaughter are the true face of Islam and it is the ideology promulgated by the sacred books of Islam. It has produced a trail of blood and tears across the world throughout history. It is my personal belief that there is no such thing as “radical Islam” or Islamic extremism”. There are simply devout, practicing Muslims, who follow the teachings and examples of their “prophet” to the letter, and those who limit their religious adherence to the early teachings of the Qur’an. The problem with Islam is not that some Muslims are bad people, but that most of Islam is based on bad ideology.

    In conclusion, I again say that I fully support the actions of this one brave Marine and his biker pals, for the aforementioned reasons.

    • John

      June 3, 2015 at 1:46 am

      Absolutely brilliant Jens!!! You wrote the post I wish I had taken the time to write. Thank you!

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