Douche of the Week: Darla Jackson

Updated: June 8, 2015


By Pablo James

Here’s an inescapable fact that every driver needs to know: your car is a 4000-pound bullet that you must control because the consequences are deadly. Alcohol, distractions, and anger have no place behind the wheel of an automobile…ever.

This became painfully obvious last week in Chula Vista, California when, authorities allege, 25-year-old Darla Renee Jackson killed 39-year-old Chief Petty Officer Zachary Buob by intentionally running him down and killing him while he rode his Ducati motorcycle on State Route 54.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Jackson and Buob were sharing the same stretch of highway when some type of altercation ensued. The final and tragic result was Jackson intentionally chasing Buob down, crashing into the rear of his motorcycle, and running him down. He later died of his injuries.

What the fuck?

I am struggling to imagine what could have transpired between these two strangers in traffic that warranted murder.

Yes, murder. That’s what the police in California are calling this. Murder.

Chief Petty Officer Zachary Buob

Chief Petty Officer Zachary Buob

California law enforcement authorities have arrested Jackson and charged her with murder. She is currently being held on $1 Million bail. A prosecutor called the incident “an intentional and purposeful act.” At least part of the incident was captured on the cell phone video of another motorist.

For her part, it appears Jackson is no stranger to rage and anger issues. According to documents, two former boyfriends have previously filed restraining orders against Jackson because of threats and harassment. One alleged Jackson threatened to run him over with her car and then attempted to run him down in a parking lot. He stated he had to push off the hood of her car and jump a fence to avoid injury. Another ex-boyfriend alleged Jackson attempted to break into his bedroom window screaming threats including, “I’m just getting started!”

Jackson’s defense had stated Chief Petty Officer Buob kicked her car door while the two were in rush hour traffic. I’ll say that again in case you missed it: Chief Petty Officer Buob might have kicked Jackson’s car door while the two were in rush hour traffic.

That, if it even happened at all, coupled with Darla Jackson’s apparent inability to control her temper and discipline her actions, are why a Navy Special Warfare veteran with twenty years of service died a violent death on the side of a California roadway.

He wasn’t blown up in a convoy in Iraq. He didn’t get shot by Taliban in Afghanistan. He didn’t die in a training accident. He died because an angry woman with a history of aggressive and threatening behavior says he kicked her car door.

This is America and every person charged in our legal system is considered innocent until they are proven guilty. Darla Jackson will get her day in court. No matter what the outcome, Darla Jackson should never be allowed to operate a motor vehicle again.

Chief Petty Officer Zachary Buob never will. Rest in peace, brother.




  1. Dave Copeland

    June 8, 2015 at 8:51 am

    My condolences to the family and friends of Chief Petty Officer Buob.

    As a fellow biker I want to put out that we don’t go around randomly kicking car doors. Kicking a 4000+ pound vehicle while riding a motorcycle is dangerous in itself because if done wrong we’ll wreck ourselves. Rather we kick car doors because the driver is not paying attention and putting us in a dangerous situation and we are trying to get their attention. Kicking a door is just about our last resort after we have tried other means such as reving our engines while pulling in the clutch so the drivers hear our exhaust.

    I wish Darla Jackson nothing but bad luck when her day in court comes. I also hope there are a bunch of crusty old bikers who have had similar experiences and will show her no mercy during the sentencing phase.

  2. Maggie

    June 20, 2015 at 5:09 pm

    If and I say if he kicked her car it was his last line of defense from her coming into his lane. Drivers are oblivious to bikes. God rest his soul.

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