Colton Smith and TUF: Week 8

Updated: November 3, 2012

The last time we checked in with SSG Colton Smith, he was hinting that the next episode would be a “war” and that we should be sure to tune in. He wasn’t lying.

After getting rocked in the first round of his fight, Colton came back to absolutely dominate Eddie Ellis and come away with a win. “I was like a ghost in the first round,” Colton remembered, before realizing “shit, I gotta get going!” And, with chants of “Ranger up!” coming from his teammates, get going he did. The second round was an elbow fest with the young Ranger grounding and pounding his way to a unanimous decision.

A number of people have said that given how the first round went there should have been a third. “Even Dana White and Shane Carwin said it was a good thing that it didn’t go to a third round,” Colton said, referring to the massive swelling above Eddie’s eyes and the huge cut opened up by SSG Smith’s elbows. Ellis ended with four different cuts needing over 30 stitches. And, for anyone watching the fight, it was pretty clear what direction it was going, had it continued.

Colton wasn’t without his own war wounds, however. 30 stitches traveling in multiple directions prompted a trip to the doctor…in the same van as his opponent.  “20 minutes after the fight, we were sitting right next to each other to go visit the same eye doctor. That’s a little awkward, but also kinda cool.” It also gave Colton a tremendous respect for his opponent—the most experienced fighter on the show. “Eddie is a true warrior,” he noted, reminding me that “Fast Eddie” Ellis had been fighting professionally since he was 16 years old. Beating a guy with that much experience is something to be proud of, for sure, and doing it in such a dominating fashion certainly alters how the fighters will be looking at Colton from this point forward.

“I look at it this way,” Colton stated plainly, “the show started with five thousand hopefuls. That went down to 16 who made it into the house, and now I’m in the top eight. I fought my way into the house, and at this point, I have to fight my way out. It’s that simple.” He realizes that the upcoming fights will be even tougher given what is at stake, but that he is ready for it and welcomes the challenges. He has repeatedly informed me that his support from III Corps has been nothing short of outstanding and that he couldn’t be happier about the backing he has had from the Army in general.

I did have one bone to pick with Colton, though. Following Colton on Twitter, I came across this little gem:

“So, Colton, we’ve been talking for almost two months now, and…you completely hid the fact that Mr. Out For Justice was training you???”

“Well, Chuck Norris was my first choice, so…I felt kinda awkward talking about it…”

All jokes aside, if you’re not already, start tuning in to The Ultimate Fighter on FX on Friday nights. Army SSG Colton Smith is in the top eight and the season is getting interesting.  Especially if he keeps throwing those awesome Steven Seagal-inspired front kicks…

Oh, and after last night’s episode, it is also clear that Colton is mature beyond his years and adds one of the few voices of reason to the Ultimate Fighter house. Thanks to Colton for representing himself, the Ranger Up nation, and the United States Army very well, indeed.




  1. Bret

    November 5, 2012 at 7:18 pm

    I had a major issue with him in the fight to enter the house. When he took the cheap shot on his opponent instead of touching gloves. To me that went against honor, and respect. I didnt feel that that action represented the US Army very well at all. If he has improved his attitude I will start watching him again.

    • Mr. Twisted

      November 6, 2012 at 12:14 pm


      Colton assured me that the “cheap shot” you are referring to was, plain and simple, massive nerves. He was fighting on television in the biggest fight of his life. My guess is that he had tunnel vision and winning the fight was his number one thought.

      With that, two things:

      1) Technically, when the ref says go, it’s anyone’s match. The handshake or hand-slap is not required and nor is it normal to do in every fight. The fact that a lot of fighters choose to do it does not imply everyone has to or that they even should.

      2) Since the first episode, Colton has proved to be without question one of the more mature fighters on the show and has done a great job of representing the US Army. Personally, I look forward to seeing what he does in the near future.

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