Colton Smith and TUF: Week 5

Updated: October 17, 2012

By Mr. Twisted

Taking a 20-minute break from one of the greatest jobs in the world—being a combatives instructor at Ft. Hood and wearing flip flops and Ranger Panties all day—Colton Smith talked with me about The Ultimate Fighter 16, his thoughts on Anderson Silva, and how you really, really should watch this Friday’s episode of the show.

On last week’s episode, Colton’s teammate, Nic Herron-Webb, lost a controversial decision to Team Carwin’s Igor Araujo. Colton, along with nearly everyone who watched the fight, felt that Araujo failed to do enough damage to warrant a decision so heavily in his favor. “Webb is a great, all around fighter. He deserved that third round” Colton told me, and added that Webb, despite being somewhat of a nuisance in the house, was a “very resilient kid who did a great job of brushing off a lot of the trash talking that came his way.” He is a fighter to watch in the future, to be sure.

Things have started to calm down in the house in terms of the drama, and our man Colton has had a large part in that due to his support of Coach Nelson. Despite the press that “Big Country” gets, Colton said that it’s just like the military: “I was there to support the commander’s intent and let the coach know that I supported him—right or wrong.” In addition to showing some maturity in dealing with the coach, he also worked hard to help Julian Lane after his loss by keeping him from doing any damage to himself or others that would have lasting consequences.

In his current training, Colton said he owes a great deal of his own learning and growth to fellow soldier and Ranger Up fighter Tim Kennedy. “I pick his brain as much as I can. I’m learning a ton from him.” It is truly fantastic to see a team forming such as this one. The Ranger Up community has a great deal to be proud of with these two guys working the way they do to represent both their country and a growing fan base. To know that they feel honored in doing so makes it all the better; they take the responsibility of who and what they represent very seriously, and it shows.

I did have to broach the subject of why the ratings had dropped so much for this season of TUF. Colton’s thoughts were that a time slot on Friday nights that often competes with Bellator fights has resulted in a number of lost audience members. That became clear in the last two weeks given the drop and rise in numbers based on competition from other MMA events. However, Colton assured me in one of those wink-wink, nudge-nudge kind of tones that we absolutely MUST watch this week’s episode on Friday night. When asked to describe it in one word, the Staff Sergeant simply said:


So do check out The Ultimate Fighter on FX this Friday night. I’m told you won’t be disappointed. I’m not sure if that means Tim Kennedy will show up in a loin cloth for a Kumite death match, or if Colton will take Dana White on a ruck march, but I have faith that, whatever happens, the Ranger Up nation will have something to be proud of.




One Comment

  1. Justin Caple

    October 17, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    Not sure if the wink wink nudge nudge treatment was given to the good folks here at Fort Hood or not, but for some reason the Backbone NCO Lounge will be hosting a viewing party for this weeks episode of TUF. Colton will be there signing autographs in a meet and greet session and for some reason staying for the entire episode. This is a great oppurtunity to get reactions from SSG Smith and ask how the show really works directly from the source. It still makes me wonder why this episode seems to be so big for everyone around Fort Hood, the Ranger Up Nation, and for Colton. Ah well maybe its just my deployment paranora kicking in again.

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