Colton Smith and the TUF House – Week 2

Updated: September 28, 2012

By Mr. Twisted

Random Marine, Colton Smith and Justin Timberlake

Last week we got a glimpse of how Colton Smith, active duty Ranger and Ranger Up-sponsored MMA fighter, got on to the show The Ultimate Fighter, and what it was like to be in the most important fight of his life up to that point.

The second week’s episode was the first to show what it was like for all of the fighters living under the same roof and, in true Army fashion, Colton came through with a few pranks to liven things up in the house. After feeling that team Nelson lacked proper cohesion, our man decided to engage in some “team building exercises” by way of building a 3 pound flour bomb to drop on Canadian fighter Mike Ricci – the one guy in the house who cares most about his appearance.

I asked Colton how others responded to his ideas for pranks and such, given that he was the only one in the house with experience living in a military barracks. “They thought most of my ideas were way, way too intense. Apparently in their world booby traps are a bit extreme.” Ricci even became rather bitter over the whole incident, which is odd given the chosen profession of…fighting.

He also remarked how their team was largely left to their own devices regarding training due to a mostly-absent coach Nelson. As a result, they named themselves the “Bad News Bears” and did what fighters do – adapted and trained hard by themselves.

The episode ended with a fight between Neil Magny of Team Carwin and Cameron Diffley of Team Nelson. Despite Colton working with Diffley on his wrestling game, Magny dominated and took home a unanimous decision victory, leaving the ball in Team Carwin’s court for choosing the next fight. This will only be advantageous, however, if they pick wisely (unlike, say, Roy Nelson’s first choice).

Can Team Nelson turn around their shaky start? Who will be the one to bring them one for the win column? And will anyone in the house wake up with Colton’s Ranger Panties on their head? Will Dana White say “that was the most incredible fight I’ve ever seen” or will it be another of his tried and true statements that will assuredly get replayed as a sound-bite in every commercial for the show? Make bets with your friends on who wins and play the “what will Dana say” drinking game this week for TUF 16 on FX!



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