• You're going to pay for your idiocy, Jack.

    I’m A Damn Moron: The Freon Incident

      By Jack Mandaville “I actually felt more comfortable when you and your brother were in Iraq, because at least I knew you two were being professional.” –Ski’s mother during a...

  • TimKennedyCowards2

    Let Those Cowards Come

      By Tim Kennedy “We have credible intel suggesting that ISIS wants to kill you, Mr. Kennedy.” This is what the FBI told me last week. I don’t think they were...

  • ---------

    The Tape Test: It is more sensible than you think!

      By Nick Barringer, PhD.  When it comes to debated military assessments, there may be none that cause more fervent discourse than the dreaded “tape test”.  The methods used in the...

  • M9_Pistol_combat_in_woods

    Pistol Problems

      By Kevin Wilson Alright, we’re gonna have an informal poll real quick. If you think the Beretta M9 is the absolute best service pistol the Army could ever hope for,...

  • tomahawk_30-000792-2.jpg_fulljpg

    Top 6 Weapons We Should Be Using — But Aren’t

      By: Noam DeGuerre I just sat down and re-watched The Pentagon Wars. If you haven’t seen it and need a reminder about how we get some of the absolutely fuck...

  • shutterstock_297623183

    The Chattanooga Shooting and the Anti-Gun Nuts

    By Kevin Wilson Ordinarily, this is the point where I’d make mention of being intoxicated. That’s usually my way of tacitly apologizing for the bile and filth that I just spewed...

  • CP

    An American Legend And Your Sorry Ass

    By Jack Mandaville I have to preface my forthcoming rant with a couple of things. First, I’m a fulltime employee at Ranger Up. I don’t speak for the company or any...

  • 75thDUI

    Violence of Action

      By RU Twisted I think everyone who has worn a tan beret for the US Army has, while perusing books on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble (I think people...

  • shutterstock_192110078

    We’re The Same People

    By Jack Mandaville Only a real asshole would claim to speak for 315 million people. Only a real asshole would claim to be an expert on the American experience, especially considering...

  • UO_Ranger_Anger

    Urban Outfitters Infuriates Veterans with New Clothing Line

    Editor’s note: Proving the strength and power of the Veteran Community, Urban Outfitters has recently pulled their military patch clothing line after tremendous pressure from people such as yourself. A statement on...

  • NSA

    Who is Big Brother?

      By Antonio Aguilar I have come up with a conspiracy theory about the secret identity of Big Brother. Really, bear with me on this one. Big Brother is a secret...

  • OSG2

    Finding Our North

      Editor’s Note: I have been asked many times as to why I volunteer with Team Rubicon and what I get out of it.  I have often pondered the same questions...

  • Nuclear-Bomb-Mushroom-Cloud

    Are We Doomed?

    By Mr. Twisted The Internal Revenue Service is blatantly playing partisan politics and creating ethical violations far worse than what President Nixon resigned over; the White House is claiming “deaf, dumb,...

  • DSC_6255

    Hero of the Week: CPT Chad Maddox

    By RU  Contributor Yeti The military forges friendships and bonds that last through even the toughest of times.  The relationship between Army Captains Chad Maddox and Greg Galeazzi is a perfect...

  • We R Who We R by Ke$ha performed by Ranger Up

  • What You Will Never Hear a Veteran Say

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