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  • hollywood

    Hollywood calls for the Ranger Up Nation

    So you think you are a bad-ass?  Extremely fit? Are you a member or former member of a military special operations unit, police SWAT or any other 3-letter government agency that...

  • TechHeroes logo large final

    Job Opportunity – Tech Heroes

    Tech Heroes is a new company that seeks to employ military veterans wanting to own and operate their own IT servicing and retail business. We’re looking for independent, hard-working, disciplined and...

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    Ranger Up Product Reviews: Mach 3 Composites

    By RU Rob A couple of years ago retired Marine aviator Kevin Novak was on an overseas business trip.  Upon arrival at his hotel, Kevin pulled out his laptop to find...

  • Cherries


    By RU Contributor Antonio Aguilar   Ah, Cherries, FNGs (Fucking New Guys), we all love them. The Army has an official policy of no hazing and that’s all well and good....

  • toilet

    Toilet Humor

    By RU Contributor Mad Medic  Have you ever noticed that when you really need a bathroom, as in “oh my God I’m going to EXPLODE,” there’s never one around? I mean...

  • 75th_scroll

    Ranger Regiment Contest

    Liquid Metal Sign Contest, Benefiting The Rangers Scholarship Fund: Since the formation of the Modern Ranger Regiment there has been a universal argument, which Battalion is the best Battalion?  If Nick...

  • Ranger Up News

    Ranger Up News 3/8/2012

    Ranger Up News – 3/8/2012   There is so much going on here at Ranger Up that we have decided that you need a weekly newsletter to keep you informed on...

  • Meet Luciano

    We are all amazed by the radical designs that emerge on a never-ending basis from Ranger Up and its brands American Sin Bin and Unapologetically American. But just how to does...

  • It Was Never Easy

    Dick Winters, former Commander of Easy Company, 506th PIR and one of the heroes of Band of Brothers, dies at age 92

  • Tim Kennedy Workout – Happy New Year

    You made a New Year's resolution to get into shape. Now do it.

  • The Dirty War Against Mutant Chipmunks

    Sometimes we find humor in the strangest places. This actual conversation between two Facebook friends brings to light an unknown epidemic, its solution, and the need for high tech zombie-rodent-eliminating weaponry.

  • Meet Chad Robichaux

    A former Marine who's now a top ranked bantamweight, Chad Robo has a really long French name, done a superfly Snuka during a barracks fight, and thinks of combat when he...

  • Tim Kennedy Workout – 2 August

    Okay, this one's a bitch. Prepare for 20 - 25 minutes of agony.

  • Meet Cole Morgan

    We don't normally sponsor athletes outside of MMA (except Kelly Bruno and Matt Phinney...and who wouldn't want to get behind them?), but once in a while we meet an athlete that...

  • Tim Kennedy Workout – 4 July

    It's Independence Day, people! Go out and exercise your right to blow something up. BUT...do your workout first!

  • Dear Mom, by Johnny Atkins

    Our resident Marine, Johnny Atkins is coming home soon. What's on his mind as he nears the end of the deployment? Chicks and booze of course. But other than that, he...

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