Belgium Attacks: “Sit And Wait”

Updated: March 22, 2016


By Kerry Patton


It happened immediately after the Paris attacks and it is happening now as death tolls rise from the recent Belgium terror attacks. Americans are doing the keyboard commando act hooting and hollering and expressing selves with pure raging badassery.

All I can say is, “sit and wait.”

Some may assume “sit and wait” is in reference for “when” the terrorists will strike our heartland here deep inside the United States. Such persons would be wrong as that is not what is being spoken of at the moment.

“Sit and wait” is, like it was when you served, about you.

Rage does little but distort reality. Reality is, now, more than ever, we must embrace the concept of “sit and wait.” But why?

29Calculated decisions will be made on how the US and International community determines best actions to respond to the recent attack. Those decisions are not for us to determine. Warfighters, will likely be called in to partake in executing those actions. And, when that time comes, be prepared. Be prepared to pack your gear, kiss your loved ones, and embrace the suck.

Few will be willing to make such sacrifices. But those who shall, will likely wish a day like today could be done all over again. Why? Because once you go back into the suck, you will likely reflect on how you spent this day in rage. You will likely think about your loved ones whom you left behind. You will likely think about the luxuries of lying in that plush bed of yours and lying next to that warm body of your significant other. All these things, you will miss once you are called to action, again. You will wish you were back in the period of “sit and wait.”

Many will hear the call and feel compelled to head back off to some far off distant land. But of the many, plenty shall not be capable due to health reasons, failing to maintain an appropriate exercise routine, a healthy lifestyle, keeping up with war time skill sets such as weapon proficiency, medical, driving skills, or humping a pack for miles on end.

Those who are capable and likely commit to the venture of warfighting are not on their keyboards typing away on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram right now. Those willing to commit are training, keeping up with their craft, or already working the job. They are taking advantage of this period of “sit and wait.”

The question is, what are you doing right now to prepare should the time come when it’s no longer about “sitting and waiting?”




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