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Updated: January 2, 2009

Aspiring Military Writers – 

The writers at Ranger Up pride themselves on being the biggest, baddest writers around. As such, we make sure to inspire others, make our readers laugh, and make fun of ourselves whenever possible. We support all branches of the miltary, as well as those that defend America back home.

What Successful Aspiring Writers ‘Get’: 

  1. Inclusion to the list of Aspiring Military Writers at the Rhino Den
  2. Exposure to a huge community of fans who love military-oriented writing
  3. If you’re a rockstar, exposure as “Featured Author” for min 1 week
  4. Possibly featured in our weekly email to 5000+ military supporters; evaluation  being completed by published military authors
  5. Exposure to brand-building services: logo development, custom blog/promotion site developmen


Who has a good chance of being included as an ‘Aspiring Writer’? 

Charismatic, positive, pro-military writers  are what we are looking for. If you’re not sure what we mean, visit the Rhino Den and pull up some of our 10-Best stories.   A balance of humor, intelligence and self-humiliation is ideal, but don’t sound like a kiss ass.
Be yourself. Be funny. Don’t be lame!

How this process works: 

We evaluate authors every two weeks, after which point two authors will be selected to be included in our online listing of “Aspiring Writers”. If we think you’re a rockstar, we’ll include you in our “Featured Author” listing, where you get at least a week in the spotlight. Keep an eye out on the Aspiring Writers area of the Rhino Den to see if you get featured. As much as we try to send out emails to winners, your contact info may be lost in the mess of submittals, so keep an eye on the site.

How to Submit Your Work:

We will NOT edit your copy, so make sure it’s bullet proof. If we see typos, we just can’t use your stuff. So, buckle down, use spell check twice and have friends and family look it over. You only get one chance at this!
Send us an email with the following:
  1. Author’s Name
  2. Author’s Email
  3. Describe your writing style and any characters you may have built in an early summary
  4. Submittal Requirements : No more than 750 words and no images
  5. Send your final work in an email to: [email protected]
*By submitting, author gives Atomschirm Corp. (RU.com) the right to use their submitted content on their website, and in other promotional mediums, at their sole discretion. 



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